Why Join Us

There are plenty of reasons, and TGPUSA expects that you and your partners-to-be already know that spiritual related challenges are the most important. The fact that much of # 5 (below) relates to politics in no way implies that Bible-inspired political action is the true route to transformational success. All of our political (and economic and moral) disasters stem from spiritual shortcomings that give rise, among a host of other things, to media, educational and news material that is cleverly crafted to seduce and to sell product; not to tell the real truth about the real battle:  Humanism  vs. God and Christianity in a fight to the finish. It’s not about politics; it’s about shunning sin, repenting and being obedient to Scripture – or else.

Your reasons to consider joining:

1. Out of deepest gratitude to a life-giving, grace-giving, salvation-giving, meaning-giving, eternal-life-granting, purpose-giving, God.  

We’re all constantly prone to forget that God is the most important matter in our earthly lives by a factor of what? A million to one? Eternally speaking it’s a trillion to one. Even so, we endlessly allow our (most of the time) petty  human cares to distract us away from the enormity of who He is and whom He wants to be in our lives. Consider using the TGPUSA plan as a means to help you forego the old all too human habits and put on a new one.        

2. Because only what’s done for Christ will last and you want to be doing.  

You know Christianity is under heavy siege in every sector and that humanism, although in suicide mode and on its way to history’s dustbin, is the enemy. You want to be part of the army geared to hasten its inevitable demise. That’s why some of your top motivators are the desire to be obedient to His commandments (John 14:15) and to display the good works He expects from us per Ephesians 2:10 and Titus 2:14.

To that end you’re ready to stand with members of a slowly stirring remnant eager to make a history making difference. As allies we are Charismatics, Pentecostals, Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, Arminians and Calvinists together, setting aside old theological squabbles and committed to joining hands in this win-able battle.

3. God’s blessings and judgment regarding obedience to Him.  

God providentially blesses obedient nations while judging the disobedient and you sense that the worldwide chaos all around is evidence of that judging. But, you also know He acknowledges repentance and will modify His judgments in the direction of mercy if and when nations return to Him.

4. You’re mega-frustrated, have the time, and know you’re needed in the battle. 

2010 was a political year with a stunning outcome: In their own words, the left was shellacked. Tea Party zeal changed the Congress, gained your respect and maybe even a bit of envy. Two years later and counting you — as a could-be, should-be Christian activist — are as ready to contribute spiritually as the Tea Party was then politically.

You’ve long known you needed to be involved. Thus, you’ve absorbed carloads of editorials, articles, internet info, books, tapes and DVDs. You may even be ”conferenced out” by save-the-nation, 3-day equipping seminars that, yes, have value, but leave you directionless when the weekend is over and you’re back home. Home – where you remain  stuck on square one for lack of a custom designed repair plan for your locale. If one existed you’re as set as you’ll ever be to help reverse our national freefall as a spiritual Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, the original tea party’s Sam Adams or as a humble Gideon.

TGPUSA offers you that plan.   

5. Because the hour is late and we don’t have the luxury of limitless time.  

2012 was supposed to be your standard hero-to-the-rescue moment as in 1980 when fed up voters asked Ronald Reagan and the Moral Majority to ditch the Carter administration. Hope developed that we’d turned an important corner, but it was not to be. 28 years after the Reagan Revolution and with the nation now looking for still another hero and with culture continuing to unravel worse than under Carter, the stage was set for 2008 when  a quietly funded, unknown Pied Piper from Chicago eased into town atop the polls, proclaiming that, “We’re just five  days away from  fundamentally changing the United States of America.” In spite of that troubling warning, a Bible-shunning nation said, “What the heck; why not?”

You’re at this site today partly because a Scripture-defying change agenda is moving along right on schedule.  Alternatively, you may even believe that Mr. Obama is God’s judgment on us and so it may be. But, the point is that he is not the disobeyer-in-chief. We are. Whomever we voters choose as leaders, Republican or Democrat, each year is worse than the last with personal and Christian freedoms always under seige. There are an abundance of God defying leaders in both parties as well as within an escapist Church. The basic fault lies with the everyday disobedient people who choose the leaders in both institutions. That’s us.

Disobedience to God’s laws always brings bad outcomes. Thus, the time is always right to repent, reform, obey and make Christ central in our lives.  It’s not too late but it is late and we need to start. What Christ’s divine agenda does not have at the moment in your locale that political Tea Party groups have is you – at least right now.  Still, the current disarray in culture has provided as timely a trumpet call to action as we could want. As Christ’s remnant  there are enough of us up to the task of making the kind of salt and light difference that He is surely ready to honor. We need to begin occupying until He comes and to do it now while a window of opportunity is still open. Signing on withTGPUSA  is a sensible step.

6. The appeal to your soul.

Martin Luther put it this way in two separate quotations: “You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.” “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right….” German martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer agreed: ”Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. To not speak is to speak; to not act is to act.”

7. Because there is a cause: 1 Samuel 17:29 and Joshua 7:8-13.  

(Please, first read those two passages.)

Once upon a time Israel’s main challenge was simply that Goliath and the Philistines be defeated. The greater challenge for nations today and going forward is this: That the human predisposition to break that most critical of the Ten Commandments -– that we should have no other gods before Him –- is made worse daily and on purpose by our very own federal (and state) governments. While we all harbor plenty of the rule-defying, “other gods” of money, sports, sex, materialism, self, TV and more, the god that’s really hooked tens of millions of Americans is the god of government: Government welfare,  government entitlements, government safety nets, government subsidies, government favors –- government across the board; like a raging wildfire of defiance againstthe  God of Gods.

God decrees that rulers/civil magistrates are limited to fulfilling His righteous commands in the civil sector: God is the king, not little would-be Caesars. Yet these pathetic power-craving types, especially in Washington, are quick to use as much free government largesse as possible to addict voters to thehumanist idea  that men are in charge, not God. Power is the goal: At national levels for now, international and global eventually. Humanism is straight out of Plato: Ultimate power for the governors and enslavement for the rest. It comes full circle at election time when votes and voters are bought off by those who live by catering to a “taking” populace’s demand for free stuff from the government supply house.

If the humanist driven New World Order (made up of the UN, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, Soros and other pretend type capitalists and assorted other power plotters of the world) is to reign, then humanism’s rival, Christianity, must be squashed, especially here in the critical west. The age-old yen for power is why as many Americans as possible have been purposely tricked into worshipping the “other” god of government. [Nor is it enough that disobedient people can betricked  via free money into choosing to make government their god. It also works the other way. 1 Samuel 8:4-9 describes an inherently disobedient people’svoluntary  demand that God give them a king like all the other nations; a decision they would come to regret as verified in 1 Sam 12:19.]

So, yes, there is a cause. Some say it’s the defeat of humanism, but better to say it’s the defeat of the stubborn human   refusal to obey the First Commandment in the first place.

There is a cause: Satan’s “Gang of Four.”

The lust for personal political influence is vigorously pursued by way of a Washington worshipping seduction menace  best termed, the “Gang of Four.” This four-tiered politics and power enthralled force is made up public school personnel, the left-liberal media, the pro-Marxist entertainment industry, and the faceless, non-elected, six-figure salaried elitists and bureaucrats-for-life inside the Beltway. And inside the 50 state capitals.

As advocates of total, Christianity-crushing government control over everything, the Gang is tireless in its efforts to undermine national unity and morale. A major tactic is the endless mocking of all of the USA’s stunning cultural breakthroughs that date from 1620. Forever attacked are Bible values and the life-enhancing, biblically-based, labor-saving miracle that is the free market. (Free, that is, when D.C. socialists aren’t doing all they can to destroy it.) Stealth land mines of materialism, sports fanaticism, addiction to all things sexual and the like are planted everywhere. The Gang, which itself is educationally-short changed, Marxist-indoctrinated and spiritually betrayed, flaunts its rebellion and hatred of God, hatred of the USA, hatred of personal freedom and even hatred of their own selves. Well told in Proverbs 8:36 is that all those who hate God love death.

How the Gang of Four’s Public School Arm deliberately defies God’sFirst Commandment  by abetting the “replacement” god of Big Government. 

* By teaching each and every subject to fit the humanism, evolution, no-God model; by historical revisionism and omission; by scorning hard-won historical lessons on human freedom; by ignoring the concept of personal property rights; by showing disdain for wealth-enhancing private entrepreneurship; by refusal to teach basic civics, politics and economics. In this way malleable and compliant young minds come to believe the lies and stories about government’s supposed superiority over a “mythical Santa Claus and tooth fairy type god.” At this very moment in classrooms everywhere, the sanctity of God, His Scripture and His values are being aggressively undermined.

* The majority of public school teachers and their students (i.e., voters and future voters) are both led to believe that government experts are especially enabled to see into the future in a way that can protect and bail us out of  life’s problems. The government’s anti-self-responsibility “safety net” is one of the top humanist gods. Voters, heavily dumbed-down in the schools, think Big Brother is the way to peace, prosperity, health and security. They graduate not having the slightest clue that pro-power, pro-socialism leaders in Washington – the ones who actually dictate how schools are operated – are the biggest threat of all to meaningful, God-only human values.

* Public schools are totally controlled by the Dept. of Education and the NEA and arenot  pro morality or for that matter even pro academics. Instead, they have been quietly converted into a teacher-benefits-for-life agency so that solid teacher  loyalty to the government’s  mind scam agenda can be locked up and guaranteed. That this is the case  is regularly revealed by realities  such as the event in Madison, Wisconsin in the fall of 2011 when supposedly mature, college-graduated teachers rioted and vandalized the capitol building at a cost of millions of dollars. The violence of the demonstrators made it evident that better academic and character outcomes for students was not  the guiding inspiration behind teacher fury.

* Social-engineered youth (tomorrow’s adult voters/leaders) are manipulated by compulsory indoctrination in moral relativism, the conviction that Marx was right, that government knows best, that Republicans hate the poor but Democrats love them, that God is dead and that green-, enviro-, Euro-socialism is our future.

* Schools don’t teach that each of us are unique individuals with equality of opportunity. Instead, the accident of birth  automatically moves us into a ”special group” or minority category. Within these artificial categories we are discouraged from desiring to unite in harmony as one people. No more “Greatest Generation” or “American Dream” or a unifying American Exceptionalism philosophy for this century’s educators and their victims. Special-group type  brainwashing is a sure recipe for class-based voting, class envy and class warfare with chaos and crisis being the hoped-for, self-serving result. The group and the vigorous support of it is the new god.

Why a desire for chaos? The undermining of biblical moral standards is a guaranteed formula for coarsened behavior and in-your-face incivility in the public square. This explains the intense school training in moral relativism, no absolutes and doing your own thing. Resultant, chaotic street behavior soon necessitates imposition of emergency rule by government edict, exactly what those who lust for total control want. Schools are also the best place to set the stage for creating a people who, in the midst of chaos and crisis willingly plead for government to step in and take over in rescue mode. Chaos famously and always equates to more government, more power and more god-like status for the power hungry.

* Feminization of boys is done directly in class and everywhere else between the lines. Why? Good societies require good leaders in all sectors. The biblical way of things is that leadership be provided by manly men; God-fearing men. Meanwhile, wives, among their other abundant skills and achievements, rock the cradle that produces these men. But, even this belief is being blasted and ridiculed in the schools.

Join us then as, together, we alert your locale to the truth of the Gang of Four’s agenda in the public schools. Join us as, together, we take action steps to reverse trends and move the culture in a Godward direction.   

How the Gang of Four’s Left-Liberal Media Arm deliberately defies God’s First Commandment by abetting the “replacement” god of Big Government.  

Mainstream Media constantly, cleverly, pushes for socialism while ignoring or scorning the importance of personal freedom, property rights and Bible values. Nor does media tire of extolling Keynesianism, a silly economic  theory that has reliably destroyed currency, social stability and the future, to date, of countless nations.

Why this strange agenda? Early training in the Bible-disrespecting, pro-humanist public schools attracts enough young media types-to-be toward the idea of becoming accomplices in Plato’s elist control scheme for overseeing the smelly, plebian masses. (For their own good, of course!) Taught to believe that they are wiser than Joe Six Pack, they’re inspired to climb the ranks to become important contributors to the control agenda. Best of all is the personal power, money and “fulfillment of life’s meaning” that such exalted status within the leadership ranks of ”inevitable world socialism” is supposed to bring.

But, most pro-Marxist media types have found or invariably will find that, as Lenin’s “useful idiots” they’re among the first to be blindfolded and put up against the wall by the government they worship once the revolution succeeds.

Join us as, together, we alert your locale to the truth of the Gang of Four’s agenda in the left-liberal media. Join us as, together, we take action steps to reverse trends and move the culture in a Godward direction.   

How the Gang of Four’s Entertainment Arm  deliberately defies God’s First Commandment by abetting the  “replacement” god of Big Government.  

* It’s akin to liberal media’s agenda. The chief difference being entertainment’s powerful emotional impact that doubles the debilitating bang for the Marxist buck. As Dennis Peacocke has noted, “the average, dumbed-down American would  rather be entertained than challenged to change; rocked rather than redeemed, and aroused rather than re-directed.” This attitude fosters the moral chaos that spreads beyond just self and family, extending outward into the street as with Occupy Wall Street and the 60’s Anti-War movement. Again, the resultant chaos leads to the public demand that  government step in, suspend civil rights and control the chaos. The other entertainment based objective is that people, deeply persuaded by endless “liberation theology,” “social justice,” “group rights” and “free everything” propaganda via movies, sitcoms, documentaries and the rest will sooner or later vote up front and voluntarily for government control with no messy riots necessary.

* Entertainment excels in the deliberate feminization of men and perpetuation of juvenile attitudes by adults, especially men. A leadership vacuum is the natural result, one all too readily filled by ambitious government-loving types. The USA’s collective  spiritual, moral, political and economic dysfunction is greater than at any other time in history. It’s as though we had stopped producing adults. One rightly inquires; “Whatever happened to good men, or to men, period?”

Join us as, together, we alert your locale to the truth of the Gang of Four’s agenda in U.S. entertainment. Join us as, together, we take action steps to reverse trends and move the culture in a Godward direction.  

How the Gang of Four’s Government Bureaucracy Arm deliberately defies God’s First Commandment by abetting the ”replacement” god of Big Government. 

* By doling out financial favors, grants, subsidies and pork tolarge  numbers oflarge-sized  special groups at the expense ofsmaller  numbers of voter-taxpayers. It’s popular, buys votes and grows big government in the fastest way. Decisions that are better addressed by state and local venues are shifted to Washington, home of the dependency-creating, vote-buying legislation. Much of the money comes from higher taxes and printing press inflation. Result: Less personal funds for private sector tax payers; less money for small and large business entrepreneurs and for private sector, wealth generating jobs; jobs that once reflelcted continuous national economic productivity.

* A “taking,” not a “making” mentality springs up. The purpose being to make these “takers” think they always deserve even more from the golden goose, the bottomless pit, the magic cornucopia of government

* Here’s the Government/Government Bureaucracy reality in 2012:

1. The federal government took in $2 Trillion dollars in 2009-10, but spent $3.5 Trillion. A family couldn’t get away with that behavior in the long run and neither can government. Roosevelt told us not to worry about it and that we “only owe the money to ourselves.” That’s partly true because “ourselves” are the investment risk takers and bond buyers who give their money to govt. in hopes of a return. When the good faith and credit of a nation goes into the tank it’s a nation that has lost investment respect and respect, period with devastating long term effect in the wealth-producing private sector. 

2. Current U.S. debt approaches $16 Trillion dollars. Long term unfunded liabilities are greater than $200 Trillion!

3a. Prior to the government caused and needlessly perpetuated recession in the 1930′s, and prior to Social Security in 1935 and to Medicare/Medicaid in 1965, U.S. job opportunities were unparalleled. God-fearing Americans were famed for hard work and self-responsibility. (The Protestant Work Ethic.) For those in need, church and local groups assisted as a matter of course. As the most freedom-loving nation on earth, the rest of the world yearned to move here. In 1832 France’s Alexis de Tocqueville famously reported that [in spite of the shame of slavery – tgpusa] we were the best, greatest, most free country ever known. (Interestingly, far more black Africans have applied to make the USA their home than were ever brought here via the slave trade.)

3b. Today, however, 50 million Americans are on Medicaid with 47 million on food stamps. Credit card and college debt are at insane levels. 10 Million are upside down on mortgages. The U.S. government owes the Social Security “trust fund” $2.5 Trillion dollars. Un- and under-employment is 16%. The long term, true measure of unfunded liabilities (Soc. Sec., Medicare, Medicaid and federal pensions) has a present obligation of $222 trillion meaning that the federal government would have to immediately invest $222 trillion in the stock and bond markets so as to return 5% per year for the next 75 yers. No such investment opportunities exist and and there is no secret $222 trillion federal nest egg. The Federal Reserve could print that much but deadly hyperinflation would result. All of this is mind boggling. After 350 years of hard work and self sufficiency, suddenly there are now more takers than makers. Many feel they are owed government support, including that million dollar lottery winner who refused to go off of food stamps. The younger the age group, the more entrenched the belief in “taking.”   

4. 49% of U.S.voters  pay no income tax, thus having no personal stake in excessive government spending. Yet their vote counts equally.

5. When taking into account government’s constant ginning up of class envy, class warfare and vote-buying entitlement dependencies, all of us, including those getting the free stuff find ourselves at Alexander Tyler’s famous “governmental dependency” stage on the path from freedom to bondage.

6. Government functionaries tend to scorn Bible virtues of self denial, respect for property, sexual purity, the reality of sin, dependence on and obedience to God and the centrality of biblical marriage and the family. Scoffing at Scripture helps explain the USA’s love of self-centeredness, shrinking standards, shoddy sex, sin, sodomy and socialism.

Join us as, together, we alert your locale to the truth of the Gang of Four’s government bureaucracy agenda. Join us as, together, we take action steps to reverse trends and move the culture in a Godward direction.


Turning back the Gang of Four’s sinister strategy to undo the First Commandment and replace it with the substitute god of government is surely a cause. In our own immediate locales, as we happen to run into the often very unhappy members of these four groups, we’ll want to win them with friendship evangelism and the rest of the true truth about what’s really going on. We’d like to help them see the superiority of God’s way over the life-ruining agendas by which they’ve been seduced.  

How even the Church in America also waters down God’s First Commandment and fosters the “other” god of Big Government.

* Puritan John Winthrop’s inspirational 1630 dream of a “shining city on a hill for the whole world to see” is long gone. Not a single U.S. city qualifies. All are humanized in spite of how many church doors might still be open on Sunday. Everywhere, an adversary culture delights in defying God and making jest of His people. This 150 year old, 19th and 20th century attack has been abetted by a pietistic Church in America, culturally clueless, unassertive and content to stick with the popular diversons of health, wealth, prosperity, self-esteem, entertainment and seeker-sensitivity. Many  have succumed to the self-fulfilling fatalism that “things must get worse before they get better” and that we are powerless to alter that “fact.”

It’s true that 2-week overseas mission trips are fine for church volunteers who can afford them, but the trips do nothing in the way of facing up to the main problem and the dozens of spiritually sourced problems right here at home. Home; a place looking more and more like a hostile and pagan foreign territory all by itself.

* Islamic terrorists, hardly the ones to judge, rightly ridicule the moral hypocrisy of a supposedly Christian America.  Can we casually dismiss this charge given ourfalse gods  of materialism, self, money, pornography, sports, fashion and government? Add to that our law-breaking regarding adultery, bearing false witness (lying and contract breaking) theft, envy and dishonoring the Sabbath. Sunday in America is too often about musical entertainment on stage and a nice  morning social hour at seeker-friendly churches followed by sports and a sports bar focus the rest of the day.

* Soft elements within liberal churches promote the sin of class envy through emotion-triggering clichés of “fairness,” “social justice” and “equitable redistribution of wealth.” We’re told that this is the kind of radical agenda an AK-47 toting, “revolutionary Jesus” wants. Nihilistic (and suicidal) urges among liberals is pervasive and powerful, yet Christians seem afraid and powerless to challenge the spiritual toxicity that such liberalism brews up.

* As Woodrow Kroll puts it, we American Christians are no longer disgusted with sin. Media and entertainment channels relentlessly program us to believe that a little bit of sin, “what the heck, let’s be reasonable,” isn’t all that bad.


Righting the ship of state means applying the rule of law from Scripture, not following fallible man’s ever-changing and false principles. Freedom, limited government and individual responsibility are all good, but the national imperative must become a commitment to serious repentance, the renouncing of personal sin and a renewed obedience to God and a mutually agreed upon theological base. And, above all, devotion to the First Commandment. Only these and the building of a comprehensive biblical worldview can bring the needed repair.

Early on, it will be good to make a guesstimate of your ability to stay in the fight for the long haul. “Long” very likely meaning the rest of your life. True commitment means being able to arrive at the day of our earthly passing, happily knowing we faithfully gave our best right up to the end even when our efforts produced no easily visible evidence of success. Even so, and in spite of the ravages of nearly 150 years of steady secular attack, there’s no reason not to have confidence in our locale-by-locale plan. It should work if God is in it, and He should be. There’s strength in numbers. Remember the three fold cord of Ecclesiastes 4:12.

Join us! Is there a better option?