More About The Gideon Project USA

 Christian Friend and Fellow Member of God’s Remnant:  


You’re as angry as you’ve ever been over your country’s political, economic, spiritual and moral tailspin. It’s true, you’re no longer exactly shocked by the mainstream media’s sellout to the left and you’re exactly aware what it is that ’60s-stuck college and university Marxists are doing to the schools from K to 12 to college to the universities. You’re also wise to the fact that vote-buying schemes by lowlife politicians is why the class envy/class warfare game is played and thus why the greed and sloth driven entitlement mentality grows by the day. And, since tax-funded takers now outnumber private sector makers (life improvement producers) you’re saddened on behalf of today’s youth that the American Dream is beginning to look more and more like the American nightmare.

In spite of the tailspin you also know you’re not willing to settle for media and school disinformation campaign with its denigration of conservative values, disdain for your biblical worldview, the shredding of the constitution and their relentless demonization of Christ. In short you’d be discouraged if you thought the case for reversal and restoration didn’t exist. Instead, you’re strongly inclined, if you only knew how, to be part of the solution.

Nonetheless, important questions need to be asked: Have you concluded, as has the Gideon Project USA (TGPUSA) that “better politics” can never be the answer to our national breakdown? And, that the true answer lies instead in the deeper realm of the spiritual? Can you identify with the key passage, “Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man” (Ecclesiastes 12:13) as being the spiritual center of an achievable repair plan?

If yes, then as an assertive self-starter or, more typically, as someone who needs a push and a half to get going you’ll be able to see the Gideon Project as a means for directing your passion for culture repair and transformation. TGPUSA grew out of the perceived need for a team-based army to halt and repair  the cultural tragedy that has bewildered Bible believers feeling like strangers in their own land.

The contents of the “Take Action” button will be a key part of your success.

The need for a diligent repair army and kingdom-advancing game plan has been a very long time building. The many unforeseen aftereffects of the U.S. Civil War continued to ravage society well into the 1900s and it’s one of the key reasons why an enfeebled Church in America (their best men had been killed in battle) ended up sleeping through the majority of the 20th century. Among the disasters was church default to a paralyzing pietism as well as emotionalism, end-times/last-days-ism and inevitably, feminism.  The disastrous final straw hit in 1925 with the Scopes Monkey Trial and a previously dynamic but now terminally discouraged Church yielded up its former vital influence in the public square. Instead of a  comprehensive Monday-Saturday strategy to counter humanism’s scorched earth march across the land, it retreated to Sunday-only and  evangelism-only mode. Making matters even worse were the left-leaning social gospel and social justice mantras adopted by the liberal mainline churches and seminaries.

Failing to teach the practical application of Bible principles in every aspect of life handed humanists the spiritual vacuum they were hoping for. Liberal church disdain for kingdom advancing ideals meant that Christ’s salt and light/occupy until I come goals so well honored in times past, ground to a halt. Thanks to a host of psycho-philosophical excuses, centuries-old church dedication to reformation, revival, and the advance of God’s kingdom on earth was shelved. And now an equally defeatist, rapture-absorbed 21st century Church continues tottering along in AWOL mode.

Self-starters with the needed repair talents and visionary spiritual agendas tend to be in short supply these days. The best of them, including those who are understandably worried about the economy, often look first to financial security via for-profit businesses either as entrepreneurs or as employees.  We’re grateful for the material benefits they bring but their commitment to a vocation-only emphasis rather than combining it with Christ-advancing endeavors in the community overall means this: If our  national collapse is to be reversed, the ordinary, the semi-self-starting, the semi-assertive rest of us will have to step up.

Needed then, are a few ordinary yet nonetheless good men like Gideon. Even though described as a mighty warrior, he hesitated when the chips were down at a key moment of national testing (Judges 6 thru 8.) But, thanks not just to a push and a half but to three divine pushes, he came through when it counted. Victory and 40 years of peace followed. His inspiring deeds need to be duplicated today by leadership raw material just as flawed but ultimately just as worthy as his. That’s us, and TGPUSA offers that vital push.

Readers of this page have been honing Bible-grade character qualities over a lifetime. This, along with your moral, spiritual and overall common sense qualities is what is leading TGPUSA to seek your pioneering partnership. We have the ready-to-go support plan you hoped existed. It’s not a theory floated by some distant four star philosopher-general, rather, more of a common sense plan by field-wise sergeants well acquainted with the battlefield.

There’ll be no fees – ever and all of the planning details you need are here, right now, on this website. But, as we advance;   first by ten, then hundreds and then exponentially, remnant types like you in this army-to-be will be sharing insights, modifications and upgrades with each other with TGPUSA serving as a two-way conduit.  Your improved insights will be a steady trend as each of you work your way through  the restorative task in the multitude of villages, towns, precincts, cities, city sections, townships, and/or county locales where you live.

The geographic size of your target locale is strictly up to you. If your life depended on doing all you could to “gain victory for Christ” in your locale through your own exclusive efforts, your level of dedication would clearly be astounding and then some. So, go to your knees, pray hard and then hit the rest of the navigation buttons to get started. “Take Action” is the ultimate button.

Yes, TGPUSA is free but in truth you’re the ones who should be getting paid. And you will be in the end with gold, silver, precious stones and the well done we all seek.  We wish God’s blessings upon you and ask only that you keep the rest of TGPUSA Band of Brothers and Sisters (Ezekiel 14:22) in the loop as you move out locally in your section of the battlefield in this struggle of the ages.