Lessons Learned

Some bloggers among the Christian remnant sense that, at least for them, the blogging craze has run its course. They’re beginning to realize that it’s time to re-examine the deeper worth of online debate and exchange it for a plan that would have them hitting the streets with the kind of service and mission goals recommended by TGPUSA.  Blogging has value, but in view of the spiritual and moral collapse worldwide, leaving the house in your Christian battle duds  has even more.

Your warfare’s goal: To win over opposing forces, not to kill them. To save their unhappy, wretched lives for now and for eternity. To save and win the culture for Christ.

As you hone your practical, on the street application efforts; as you gain insights and as lessons are learned, your reports in to TGPUSA will be essential and will be shared with other remnanteers.

You’ll use this site to study and to benefit from what others are doing and have already achieved. As  a technical note, you’ll need to go the  Contact/Join Us site to transmit your information to TGPUSA. From there (after minor editing, if needed) it will be posted over to Lessons Learned. (Should you send material that you prefer not be published, it won’t be. You can also request a private response.)