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Here’s TGPUSA‘s operational heart. As is the case with all the other info tabs, there’s  much to review and learn, and now - with ”Take Action - to apply. But, none of it is complex. Hard work,  yes, but as a member of the praying remnant you’re fully up to this 10 to 20 year adventure. You’re aided by the fact that as you pray and apply you’ll also be  enjoying supernatural, Holy Spirit support. Write to us as you see fit but we generally would prefer to hold the Message  Center open for your insights after you’ve taken action and evaluated the results. So, if possible, please read, study and apply before checking with us about subject matter which may have already been covered below or elsewhere on the website. God’s blessings, our very best wishes and thanks very much to all of you. As a convenience, you may want to print out portions of what follows.

I. The Core Strategy: Service to Your Locale

II. The Tactical Details:

A. Step One, Day One – The outset.

          1. Familiarization with the Home, Why Join and About navigation buttons.

          2. The search for a co-partner.

               a. Person to person. The “elevator speech.”

               b. Advertising for a co-partner and, later, for help in general.

               c. Other things to do and think about during your co-partner search. 

               d. After finding your co-partner.

     B. Step Two: The Service Projects.

          1. Part One: Direct service to needy individuals.

          2. Part Two:  Service to your locale overall.

III. The long haul.


I. The Core Strategy: Service to Your Locale                                

Your strategy hinges on service, and plenty of examples follow. Before learning of TGPUSA you might have thought, “Service? I’m too busy to even read the paper.” Now, a new resolve and new life direction makes you more open to what is arguably the best device – service - to make a winning penetration into the heart and soul of a hurting locale. Service will enable you to ease into the lives, even of a skeptical populace, a step at the time and at the times and places of your  choosing. In short order you’ll think you’ve always operated this way. TGPUSA also likes the adage; “If you want a job done right give it to the busiest person.”

As you move forward you’ll be opening hearts to the worthiness of your ministry as you heed the royal law of James 2:8: “To love (and serve) others as yourself.” Furthermore, as you put legs to your faith you’ll be persuading others that the life most people seek, down deep, can be and is found through shunning sin, personal repentance, obedience to God, and application of a biblical worldview to every aspect of life. That’s why helping to bring this about is service-providing in the best sense.

Your goal: To create a grand, bottom up, transformation-metamorphosis in spiritual thinking in your locale. You want to encourage the majority to renounce the religion of humanism and replace it with Christ. And, you seek conversion to the belief that only full dependence upon and obedience to a sovereign God and His rules can be the answer for a hurting nation. (Your goals are goals. Outcomes are outcomes.) The best outcome will see a big change in the way “your people” behave in the public square and in their private lives. Such conversion is the best hope for individuals, families, churches and for the nation if we would avoid lives of personal depression, despair, chaos and – at the present rate – dictatorship by humanist governors. Even in the absence of tyranny, sincere surrender to the Creator is our only hope if we want to maximize our all too brief lives on earth. See James 4:14.

The homeschooled theologian and former (1902) Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Abraham Kuyper, famously stated: “There is not one square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: ‘Mine!’” This is certainly true given that Christ created the entire universe and directly controls every atom. Every aspect of life whether personally, in marriage, education, church, vocations, vacations – everything – should be carried out as unto Him and in accordance with His moral code. (What other moral code, after all?)

Per Kuyper, whether the people in your locale are directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture, advertising, airplanes, banking, business, chemistry, clothing, commerce, economics, education, entertainment, farming, fashion, finance, fishing, government, journalism, justice, law, logging, media, medicine, movies, nursing, pharmacy, politics, religion, sports, transportation, trapping, TV or zoology, it’s in these and all others where you’ll want them to demonstrate in word and deed – especially deed – what conversion to Christ means to a life. And, not just for salvation, but for the way in which moral challenges within all those aforementioned endeavors are managed by employee and employer alike. The effort you’ll be taking to convince an over-humanized populace of this truth is inevitably going to be seen as  service.

Part One of ”B. Step Two: The Service Projects,” describes biblical service to the needy, namely widows, the elderly, shut-ins, the poor, the sick, inmates and orphans, to include evangelism wherever needed. Running simultaneously is Part Two, an education-information and activities service for the spiritually, morally, politically, educationally, economically hurting and for the major-media misled friends in your locale both rich and poor, most of whom don’t even know they need to be served. Humanism’s assault has left them all seriously injured. They need what you’ll provide.

The geographic size of your target locale will be up to you. You’ll do what you can where you are. It can be a small  village, small town, township, precinct or a city section. An entire city or county is less likely, at least early on. The size depends on your ambition, circles of influence, confidence and the unknown, God-given, receptivity of your target population. You’ll need a car, a computer and a little extra cash for odds and ends. Initially you’ll be acting alone, but a key requirement will be to find a co-partner with character and idealism equal to yours. Others will slowly come alongside as you persevere.

Since they tend to have the time, a typical TGPUSA leader may be retired with just a spouse at home. But, all are welcome whether non-retired, married, single, young or old. Homeschooling moms and dads with their homegrown warriors could be a good source of supporting activists.

Where are you theologically? TGPUSA may not be for you if you enjoy membership in a liberal-leaning mainline church or one otherwise tilting left. Nor if your church implies that the “God of the Old Testament” is now worthy only of “God emeritus” status and that His O.T. moral and civil rules have no further abiding validity for today. Some churches teach that God only meant for His O.T. laws to be temporary and were only for a semi-nomadic, agrarian society of Israelites 3,500 years ago. But, if so, why did Christ [God] 1,500 years later in Mt. 5:18 warn against canceling even so much as a jot or a tittle? Because he knew His laws are always hated by fallen man in any millennium.

TGPUSA believes that God’s rules are permanent and universal. Only through them will righteousness flower and the national theological consensus we all want be attained if the USA is to avoid the fate of every country that has failed to   figure this out. Even seemingly unique, real-world moral dilemmas in our so called  “complex, mega sophisticated” 21st century, can find superior resolution by application of scriptural rules and principles using sound casuistry. [Casuistry: The science or discipline of resolving moral questions and right conduct by extrapolating from accepted theory to application.] God’s rules will always be the best of all standards (of course!) for right behavior, though not for salvation, either in ancient times or now. This is by grace alone, never by law-keeping.

Much of the spiritual deterioration among mainline churches stems from unseemly readiness to adapt to man-centered humanism, the very biblical worldview killer TGPUSA wants to see dismantled. That’s why we hope that liberal church-goers who come our way (they are welcome) will be led to renounce liberal “social justice” (i.e., government enforced) welfare theories, ultimately going on to leave their denominations. For others, if you are a remnant member who is a conservative oriented fundamentalist, reformed or evangelical person, then TGPUSA can be for you.

Most Important: Because of who most of you are as experienced Christians, there will be no one or two week training seminar at some big national conference center. Nor will you receive pre-packaged, marching orders from a controlling authority on our end. You’re the boss of your locale and answerable only to God. On your own and largely unknowingly, you have been preparing for this kind of kingdom-advancing venture for years. You’ve thought about taking action but were otherwise too busy to draft a plan of your own. TGPUSA provides the diversion-detonating suggestions to get you off of the sidelines and into the fray. Most important is that you’ll be working confidently at your own pace knowing the Lord will be honoring your decisions at His own pace. As John Quincy Adams put it, “Duty is ours. Outcomes belong to God.”

The perfect operational play book has yet to be written, so in addition to everything already listed on this site, TGPUSA will be sending helpful new material as it comes to light. Some of it will be from you and your fellow service-providers with TGPUSA serving as an incoming funnel and outgoing conduit per your field reports and our analysis. As successes and, yes, setbacks, occur, sharing them with the rest of our army of cooperating remnanteers will help keep the work cross-pollinated.

Besides Part One and Two activities, the other respect-gaining task your locale needs to see from you is the exemplary behavior you’ll be displaying in the way you and your family conduct themselves in the public eye. If previous glitches of sin exist, this project has good potential to be a family relations restoration plan as you all take measures to do the right thing in every way. The intra-family bonding potential present here could be the best thing that’s happened to you and yours.

As you start being noticed, your locale will become more open to the culture-changing information you’ll be disseminating via printed material, seminars, study groups, public meetings, the internet, etc. Through your work, the damage that the Gang of Four” has done in duping and poisoning the minds of your “clients” will be reversed and consigned to memory status. (The “Gang” refers to the schools, leftist media, govt. bureaucracy, and leftist entertainment venues. See also, Why Join.)

In spite of admirable service, what you’ll be doing will be controversial in some quarters early on. After all, you’re boldly asking the entire locale to see that only through faithfulness to the entirety of the Bible, including its moral and civil law codes, will any person, family, church or nation be “saved” to be all they can be. The weak Christianity of our  “too busy to notice what was happening” Christian grandparents over the past 150 years let the termites of humanism burrow deeply into the minds of their 20th century grandchildren. By mid-20th century, humanism’s top surrogate, the public schools, no longer bothered to teach even the problematic “natural law” substitute  for biblical law. (Natural law is not biblical law and thus no law at all in the end.) In spite of its majesty and the best of human benefits that the Bible has brought us over millenia, its message and morality in the 21st century is either ridiculed or ignored by the schools, and as well, therefore, by the no longer Christian children of those once too-busy-to-notice grandparents.

The strategy of service with love is how we “Band of Brothers – and Sisters” will arouse interest, but only so long as we conscientiously and convincingly remember the axiom that: “They don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care.” Caring is good and we could all stand to do more of it. In addition, as other patriots-in-waiting in your state nearby see what you’re doing they’ll be provoked to holy jealousy and eventually want to sign on with you or, better, take action in their own locales.

II. The Tactical Details:   

A. Step One, Day One – The Outset.

Finally, the common sense details you need to get going. Be ready for a tough slog with plenty of blood, toil, sweat and tears. The odds against David per his human chances of defeating mighty Goliath is the right metaphor here. But, even that example probably comes up short because of what 150 years of humanism has done to the USA. Reversing that kind of damage will be on an order of supernatural magnitude akin to what Gideon’s 300 men needed to subdue the 135,000 Midianites. Prayer will be paramount and permanent. Be patient as, together, we grow into veteran, long-term professionals for Jesus. Short of a miraculous intervention, plan on this task taking at least a decade and more likely  two or more. Study the Bible more than ever and spend time with the literature that we have recommended. You’ll be up against smart people on the other side so “perpetual student status” will be a big part of your success.

You’ll request and hope for your family’s help. You need them in your corner for enthusiasm and hands-on assistance. This is a good time to restate the desire to mend any family fences including making a commitment to any needed repentance and to change in visible ways. Everyone in your locale will be observing you, your family and your team so think of life from now on as being a “sermon in shoe leather” as you demonstrate how hard you’re all trying to be loyal to Scripture.

1. Familiarization with the Home, Why Join and About navigation buttons.

It’s important to know, in depth, the TGPUSA philosophy and reason for acting. Please visit these periodically. 

2. The search for a co-partner.

[The search for a co-partner and getting ready for your service projects should be performed together.]   

You’ll need – absolutely - a supportive, in it for the long haul, colleague. This is necessarily a non-negotiable since the task is simply too large for one, especially during start-up. But, even past that early phase, not just one but several  closely cooperating co-partners will be your goal. Ecclesiastes 4:12 puts it that “though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves, and a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” You’ll also appreciate the reminder that Jesus sent his disciples out two by two, and no doubt for a variety of reasons. You’ll obviously deal with this new friend strictly as a close friend, not a subordinate. You’re both rookies and each will be standing  alternately on the other’s shoulders as you go. Finding your first partner may or may not be easy, but keep in mind either way that “if you would win a man to a cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend.”

By all means, contact friends in your own church. It’s obviously a good thing if a fellow church member agrees to join  you. But, if met with skepticism or even hostility by a church friend, you may succeed with a member you previously had not been close to. The partner you seek, including one from another church if that be the case, is likely to be more thoughtful on theology and current events than most.

In your search, much depends on how well-known you are, how long you’ve lived in your locale, your Christian reputation and circles of influence. Perhaps you already have a likely friend in mind. If not, vigorous application of your best imaginative powers is the key. In fact, a special kind of hidden energy is available to you and can be illustrated like this: Imagine for a moment you’ve just received a mystery message indicating that a heretofore unknown twin, whom your now deceased parents had placed for adoption at birth, is still alive. You’d likely vow not to rest until finding that sibling. Just imagine the lengths to which you’d go and the time and zeal you’d expend. Apply that same zeal towards  finding a co-partner (and, later, the next one, two, three or four other members of your team council) and you’ll be on your way in a far more important task.

You and your new co-partner will agree that the culture is in collapse thanks to a disappointing, 150 year old rending of the national moral fabric. Fortunately both are confident in being able to share (diplomatically) with others how most of our problems over that period stem from U.S. parents standing by as if hypnotized while granting blind approval to the dumbing-down campaign foisted upon the nation by the pro-socialism technocrats operating the  government schools.

Public schools were essentially non-existent until the late 19th century, proving that the Christian Way of Life or the “American Dream” did fine all by itself from 1620 on for nearly 260 years. Moral and academic training came from Bible-based homes and the church. But, 1) early public school advocates in 1840, 2) socialist-elitist John Dewey and friends early in the 20th century and, 3) today, their secular heirs in modern government, have always itched to saddle us with the school model of Plato and the Prussians; namely that a “dead God” must be removed from the schools and man-centered socialism substituted. Both you and your partner know this and a whole lot more. You’re also able to explain why a spiritual-based cure is the ultimate answer to the government school generated problems; not politics.

a. Person to person. The “elevator speech.”    

As you float the challenge and culture repair methods past your potential partners it would not be illogical to hope that they might actually be skeptical at first. This will force you to be well prepared beyond just being zealous. They’re more inclined to respect your message when it’s presented calmly and maturely. The same is true when they see you’ve already started moving ahead on your own in various ways.

You’ll need a serious hour or more with them so just use church, work or club settings to set up a meeting to come at a better time and place. At that private meeting, encourage comments and look for moments to ask previously prepared questions. Know the reasonable answers in advance and, or course, listen to theirs. Use a friendly chat approach and present your thoughts in parallel with their comments. Refer to a current headline per U.S. cultural chaos and what many know to be true about our moral-spiritual decline. Avoid lecture mode even if you think you have an above-average grasp of issues. Be calm, mature and low key rather than hyper-passionate or mega-indignant about the crisis. And, no “weighty pronouncements” about the future even though your goal is nothing less than saving western civilization to the glory of God!

Let’s say you decide that a reasonable locale geographic size in your town is a specific precinct or maybe ”the north side of town.” You and your original partner live there but someone living and attending church on the “south side” decides, later on, to join. Does that mean you now must expand your locale’s boundaries? Probably not since you, earlier, had carefully chosen and  restricted your mission to the north side based on the realities of the challenge there and of your resources. These are the kinds of issues that will arise and Christians of good will can work them out.

Discuss cultural problems and causes in your locale. Was it the same 5, 10 or 25 years ago? Yes, no and why? Can anything be done? If the person were mayor or otherwise had power, what would he do consistent with personal freedom and just law? Ask about the role public education might be playing in the breakdown. Hopefully they know. But be careful. Government schools are still nearly sacrosanct in the public eye and your friend may not yet see them as being the huge problem they are. Run your goal and plans by as many folks as possible.

You need a short, powerful message presented with conviction. After a time of back and forth ground-breaking with your target, take 30 seconds for your “elevator speech.” It’s said that if an inventor or entrepreneur looking for financial backing can’t get his million dollar idea down on the back of a business card it needs more work. If a potential backer were to unexpectedly join you in an elevator or anywhere else, be ready with yours. Memorize it so you can say a lot in a short time. Practice it in a mirror and on your spouse. Politicians do this and you should too. Your task is far more important than winning an election. The “speech” explains your goal and adds the hope that your target is up for learning more.

Here’s a sample, though it verges on being too long. Write your own by all means.

As you observe the USA’s political, economic, academic, moral and spiritual meltdown, would you agree that enough is enough? Enough, to our national meltdown going unopposed. Enough, to our own apathy and guilt as we sit out the battle on the sidelines. Enough, to most churches keeping Christianity in a Sunday-only box while dedicated liberals  are out there all day, Monday through Saturday, capturing the culture for humanism. Do you agree that a few good salt and light Christians should consider trying to introduce reparative Bible values to our community? Would you consider signing on with a culture-restoration campaign that’s beginning now in small locales all across the 50 states? If so, let’s talk. 

Print up a small number of inexpensive business cards to get started. Pick a modest logo but decide later on, on a final, “official” logo and final card details after your several-person team has been up and running a while. Consider printing your 30-second plan on the back of the card. 

Naturally, you’ll want to speak with the opposite sex in appropriate settings, preferably with others nearby. That person might become a partner, an eager volunteer or will have an interested spouse. Ask all contacts for their help down the road and tell them of your personal commitment for the long haul. Don’t criticize churches that are not doing very much to make a kingdom-advancing, salt and light community impact. Explain that you’re only trying to augment what the churches “may or may not” be doing, which is the truth.

Leave your new business card or two behind as advertising. Those not ready to join you may, by Holy Spirit influence, contact you later or share the card with others.  

b. Advertising for your co-partner and, later, for help in general:  

You might decide to begin in your immediate neighborhood in a modified door to door approach or by direct chat as seems comfortable. Finally, though, you will have to advertise.

1. Advertising can mean free or paid newspaper ads, local radio, bulletin boards in libraries, hardware, grocery stores.  Use personal mailings, business cards, inexpensive flyers, word-of-mouth-sharing at work, barber shop or other such venues in your neighborhood. Use local blogs if they exist. Use clever, outside the box methods. Outdoor signs? A friend’s tow-plane? To get you thinking, Google “outside the box” and see what pops up. Pastors might allow a tasteful notice on a church bulletin board, but you’re obviously on trickier ground there. Perhaps you could advertise for a local  Bible study to investigate how Bible knowledge could be better applied in cultural repair scenarios.

Self-made 8½ x 11 signs on bulletin boards don’t have to appear as being low brow. Concerned Christians will read a tasteful sign in a market or store which informs them that another likeminded member of the remnant is out there.  Though the message is serious the sign can still be clever. Contact a friend with artistic skills. Include your phone number and maybe your name, depending. Make the bottom of the sign to have a dozen pre-scissored, tear-off tags with your phone number. Local pastors will see it and wonder. Share your sign ideas with us at TGPUSA.

2. Well-written letters to your local paper discussing an aspect of our national moral decline and inviting feedback will earn respect of a potential member, and others in time as well. More or less non-divisive and less controversial topics like crime, divorce, teen-age pregnancy, the government-encouraged, sub-prime student loan crisis, etc. are always of interest and can create contacts. Mention you’d like to see a local resurgence of biblical values. Keep it brief and use value-laden words and phrases. The briefer the letter the more you’ll need to include between-the-lines implications. A certain degree of irony or an illustration of a moral double standard surrounding an issue can be good.

You don’t want to use a “we’re mad and we’re not taking it anymore” tone or give the impression that this is a militant,  “let’s take over Smithville for Jesus” campaign.” Blessed are the energized meek and mild in a project of this importance.  Responses will bring chances to meet for coffee or the like at which time more serious-minded allies will emerge. Scripture references are OK, but should be limited because of the not uncommon negative community attitudes brought upon us by decades of anti-Christian, anti-Bible indoctrination. Gentle as doves…clever as serpents.

Technically, the letter must be your very best, using perfect spelling, grammar and the best sentence structure (syntax) possible. This means good research, several re-writings, reading it aloud to yourself and then setting it aside for at least a day. Two is better. Have friends read it first. No matter how good you think you are you’ll be sorry when you see it in print if you rushed it. Ask the paper if they want email or hard copies. Keep a file of your sent letters.

Don’t let nasty written, phone or personal replies throw you off. Rather, be glad of them. Negative letters may trigger sympathetic response letters (or direct-to-you phone calls) from friends you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Respond kindly to negative phone calls. Be polite and don’t argue. Have the letter and your original research material handy near the phone in anticipation of such calls. It’s easy to forget, a week or two later, everything you were sharp on when you first wrote. Thank the hostile caller. They could turn out to be an ally.

As you browse local or any newspapers, keep watch for all good letters (those not related to your initial letter) on cultural/moral matters. You’ll share them with others when you put them up on your own web site or email newsletter, (More later on that local websites.)

3. Take out a paid newspaper ad expressing your concerns and/or about your partner search. Think of using any of your modest extra funds as an extra tithe to God. Perhaps a friend would help fund the ad. If possible, run small ads several times. Good preparation is key so get help from a sharp Christian friend. Newspaper staff people will also help. Set the prepared ad aside for a short period and take a fresh look before pronouncing it finalized. Again: No matter how sharp you are, you’ll be sorry if you rush it.

4. Local radio. If you’re confident and above average in Bible knowledge, consider using local radio to seek a partner, team members or to express concern.  A good time might arise if your town faces or has recently faced a tough moral challenge. Or when local churches have been – as they often are – silent or liberal in their response to the problem.

Local radio spot announcement opportunities exist (often for free) on local matters. Use that forum to read your carefully written, brief announcement. If the rule is that it must be read or presented by a station staff person rather than by you personally, be familiar with the announcer’s general demeanor. You don’t want to hear your message poorly delivered. Tape it and do it yourself if that’s an option.

If local talk radio exists, try for that. However, you might not want to risk a one-time only invitation if you’re not yet as well prepared as you’ll eventually be or just to see your time used up dealing with hostile calls. But, if well prepared and quick on your feet it could work. Talk radio may be a better venue later, after your team is formed and your commendable, reportable service operations and other developments are under way.  

c. Other things to do and think about during your co-partner search. 

1. After sufficient personal pondering about the project in general, speak with your pastor and other pastors. They might help. Certainly you’d like them on your side. It’s possible that a pastor, because of political correctness, theological differences, eschatology-related or other “risks,” won’t want to be linked to your team of pioneer reformers. Even so, he might offer advice or be willing to share names of lay people who might help. You don’t want the pastors  alienated. Make clear that you want his church (and all churches) to return to public square leadership while your one-time, ”temporary para-church,” TGPUSA effort slowly gives way to their leadership. He  really has to believe you because God ordained the Church to do His kingdom work, not “holy teams of independent laymen” even though you can spearhead revival when churches lag. The only way TGPUSA will ever get a true “well done,” is if pastors, in time, take over the culture revival job thanks to your pioneering efforts. If a moment with a pastor leads to him directly support your campaign of community transformation then that’s a good thing.

2. Speak quietly with members of other churches. It could kindle interest in a still-not-quite-up-to-speed friend that might come as a surprise even to them. If your business card message doesn’t win them over, loan them a copy of something like Gary DeMar’s Myths, Lies and Half-Truths as a first step to help determine their potential. If they haven’t read it in two weeks ask for it back. See what happens and move on.

3. You’ll be using some of your own money in the early search for a co-partner and later, while you seek other team council members. Since you’re already tithing at your own church, write off this extra expense as a gift of gratitude to God. Please, however, do the courtesy of getting your spouse to agree to these expenses. To repeat; to succeed in this movement, spouses need to at least be in basic agreement. Financial help from others will likely appear as you become more active, but early on and forever be sure to stay frugal. Don’t let early enthusiasm make you careless with your own scarce funds.

Whether you find a partner quickly or not, you’ll be pressing forward every way you can. Your mission of service includes the service of information-distribution along with a degree of kindly, low-key, God-honoring persuasion. This means you’ll have a lot of personal catch-up reading and studying to do. Your life, which more than ever needs to be about God and about “service to Him,” is about to change in a big way. As the saying goes, “today is the first day of the rest of your life.” You want this day and all of them henceforth to count.

4. Get a three ring notebook and some plastic protectors for all of the pertinent printed material you’ve generated and start a working diary or log. Use it to show potential friends what you’ve done to date. They’ll be interested. Be sure your name and number is included should it be set aside accidentally.  

d. After finding your co-partner.  

* Go into conference and agree on a plan.

a. [+] Per the TGPUSA philosophy, make a mission/purpose statement. List tentative and ultimate goals.

[–] Don’t spend too much time or make it too long. Just a few sentences.

b. [+] List your major principles. [–] Not too many.

c. [+] Examine TGPUSA’s listed projects. [– ] Be willing to eventually kill non-working projects.

* Pick a name. Use TGPUSA or something you think fits your locale better.

* Study hard and be conversant with recommended articles and books.

* List possible supporters and begin contacting them.

* Ask new folks to investigate all navigation buttons on the TGPUSA website.

* Plan living room get-togethers with potential supporters.

* Begin a regular/weekly study evening to put as many as possible on the same culture-repair-oriented path as the two of you are.

* Begin “Part One” service projects. Reach out for helpers not yet quite ready for “inner circle” status. It’s a way to help draw them into a deeper commitment.

* Delegate responsibility when appropriate and when you can, but maintain oversight.

Additional pointers:

The following are tasks to begin right away with your new partner or even as you continue the search for that person.

1. Advise friends and others of the TGPUSA site. Point out the recommended literature. Tell them you want to start a work in your locale.

2. What if two “strangers” in a county eventually learn that, unbeknownst to one another, each one had decided to begin a TGPUSA project somewhere in the same county? Praise God if so. Join forces as soon as you learn of each other. Or start works in two different but nearby locales in that county. Counties are generally way too large in geographic size and popultion size for a work of this nature. The personal touch is all important and ”large” works against that.

3. As for a name and logo: The name might contain the term, Christian, worldview, repair, etc. Your initial name choice need not be permanent, but you need a title for the (local shop) printing of your early spiritual tracts, inexpensive business cards and announcements. This step counts as service because your project is “serving notice” that a good thing is coming. By all means, use TGPUSA as the name if you like. It may resonate very well with those who know their Bibles.

4. Short, low-cost tracts written by you can be reminders of the USA’s moral and spiritual ungluing and that you and the Bible have the solution. You’ll have confidence in your message knowing that it will resonate with the pre-prayed-for recipients whom God has pre-chosen to show interest. Thus, scoffers need not deter you. The tract states that you (and your team to be) will be doing all you can to reverse negative cultural trends in your locale and that you want to build cooperative relationships with those who agree and who want to help.

6. Keep a small notebook in your pocket to record prospects’ names, comments, email addresses and phone numbers. Keep a backup in the car so you always have one handy. You’ll be recording people who need service type help; who want to help; and/or who could become team members.

7. Pay close attention to letters to the editor in local or state publications. Contact those writers who show frustration or wise understanding about culture’s coarsening and unraveling. Write similar letters of your own, plus short letters acknowledging or thanking by name those who appear to be oin agreement with you. [Add copies to your three-ring notebook.]

8. In time, go to leaders outside the religious community and explain your goal. Try for their support whether practical or just verbal. They may not help directly but could put in a good word. Learn from their responses and experience. Speak with those, whether Christians or not, who are already doing good works in the community. Since you in theory have the better (Christian) vision, they may want to join you. Mail out hard-copy thank-you notes after speaking with them.

9. Contact other local service organizations and chat with them. Learn from them. If they’re not serving in the ideal sense (doing everything to God’s glory) figure out if your group can serve the same needs in a more biblical way. Or you may be able to join forces with them at some point to help improve the quality of service they want to provide.

10. See if there’s a local Habitat for Humanity group nearby. Some members might prefer to switch to your more comprehensive approach, especially if not content with the degree of personal fulfillment that occasional HFH volunteering offers. HFH deals with low income or poverty situations while your focus is on preventing both. Yours is less about 20-day home building blitzes and more about the 20 years it’s going to take to re-build an entire society. Keep in mind that there may be pro “social gospel” (i.e., “government provides”) activists in HFH like Jimmy Carter who might oppose your more comprehensive, Bible-based (not government-based) plan.

11. Check your city or adjacent cities for college groups such as Youth for Christ, Campus Crusade, Inter-Varsity or Christian independents. Get to know the leaders. If they’re at theological odds with you then it’s tricky. But, it’s a big plus if they agree to help on your terms. If the campus is in a nearby town rather than directly in your target locale, make clear it’s your locale only that’s the focus, not the town where their campus is located. Or they can launch a separate effort of their own.

12. Use Google and other search engines. A recent check of “Christian clubs in x” (x = a named city) found no such club but several interesting sites did appear. This helps spur thought and further searches. You’ll get brain-stretching ideas on purpose and by accident via search engines. For example, typing in “how to brainstorm” triggered 5 million hits with a lot of interesting material. Take advantage of your city’s or regional area’s web site if there is one. You’ll be surprised at the information you didn’t know about.

13. As to the evangelism and salvation challenge, explain to pastors your main goal is to upgrade daily behavior by way of community acceptance of Bible values. Many pastors are so fixed on the “it’s grace not works” message that they end up neglecting sermons on morality, sin, obedience and the all-important doctrine of good works. See Ephesians 2:10, Christ in Matt. 5, James 2 and others. Just because man is not saved by works does not free us from doing them as a matter of everyday obedience and good sense. Grace can be and often is so over-stressed that it ends up getting old fashioned good works thrown out altogether. The good works goals that will flow out of your project have nothing to do with anyone’s “getting saved.” It’s about obedience to all of God’s commands. If the pastor understands your “partnership” approach to grace/good works, he may offer support. Others might say that your call for obedience to good works is “too legalistic.”

14. Homeschoolers should be your natural allies and offer a lot of potential manpower. If not a homeschooler yourself get to know them before meeting with a local leader. (On this and all other occasions, meet new people in public venues only or take someone along so that one male and one female are not alone together in a room.) On a first visit please  remember that one of your campaign’s major goals — which is getting all Christian kids (and eventually all kids) out of the government  schools — might seem a bit too fanatical even for a homeschool leader. (More on this challenge coming up.) Many HSers won’t have the level of knowledge that you have about government education from having read HS authors like Moore, Blumenfeld, Gatto, Shortt, Swanson, Wayne, Turtel, Dobson, Holt, etc., etc. There’ll be time to address the culture repair challenge more fully if and after you win their trust.

15. Inquire about meeting sites for rent that you’ll need later on for larger community wide gatherings. Work out administrative details before an unexpected event requires such a site. Check prices, but also find those that might be free; perhaps a room from a sympathetic pastor. Early team council and team meetings will be held in member’s homes, but the day may come when it would be better to hold them in a separate, larger location.

B. Step Two: The Service Projects:   

It’s always time to be working on details of your service projects. They’ll arouse curiosity and interest which, over time, will lead to changed hearts, the adaptation of a personal biblical worldview, repentance, dependence on and Bible grade obedience to God. This hoped-for change is for individuals, families, churches and – as can be done through local political initiatives – for improvement of the civic and governmental side of your locale. A life-changing worldview means better informed, more self-disciplined citizens, and, ultimately, the kind of society God wants.

Very Important: Following are what appears to be a limitless amount of projects. But, together and even within each one listed they only scratch the surface of potential opportunities for service. So, please write to us with your own local modifications and improvements as well as with new ones you’ve discovered that TGPUSA did not foresee.  Thank you.    

1. Part One: Direct service to needy individuals. 

This is your standard “foot-washing grade” biblical service to widows, the elderly, shut-ins, the poor, the sick, inmates, crisis pregnancy situations, veterans, etc. to include evangelism whenever possible. (On evangelism, see Share Jesus Without Fear at the Book navigation button.)

1. Begin inquiring about needs in your locale. Review your resources to see how many you can reasonably help. Use the Golden Rule, Mt. 22:39. Imagine yourself in the same situation and ponder how you (or most people) would like to be served.

Leave identifying literature behind after each client visit which should also include your broad, long-range goals for the locale. Do this with the request or implication that the literature is being shared because you want to build relationships with others to whom your service contact is related or knows. Yes, it’s “advertising,” but TGPUSA is unapologetically engaged in the all-important “battle for the mind,” thus making open, honest PR a not unworthy part of your effort.

2. Widows. The Bible suggests that a widow qualifying for help should be older or otherwise less able to work and earn and that her church, technically, should be doing the helping. Check with the church first and let them know you want to help. If there is no church or it’s not helping, this opens the door. Your outreach may eventually re-encourage other church members or family to see the beauty of pitching in, thus freeing you up for the next task.

Naturally no male, single or married, can be alone with, say, a widow, for example. A third party is needed. You can’t know when a relative or busybody might cause trouble.

3. The transportation challenge. Provide rides for the needy for shopping, medical, dental, eye appointments. Even if public transportation exists and even though needy folks often have relatives who could be helping (but aren’t!) you’ll earn local respect by those who might join you later. However, watch out for service recipients who begin taking  advantage of your transporation offer. They do exist.

4. The sick, the hospitalized and the dying. Take your Bible and go for a visit. Pray with them. Listening is key, especially if they mainly want to lament, especially at the outset. The time for a Bible verse may not come right away. Go easy in sharing about how wonderfully you, pesonally, might have come through an illness. It’s a rare person who will perk up based on your happy health restoration experience even if you attribute your healing to the Lord. Be the right person for the occasion and be sure to visit non-Christians too. If Hospice is in the picture try to find out if spiritual needs are being provided by the Hospice people.

5. The poor. This can be tricky since financial poor-ness doesn’t automatically define itself. It’s also difficult because there can be a lot of self-causation involved. So evaluate, cut as much slack as possible and do what seems right. Raise money around the locale. One goal is that restored recipients, when back on their feet, should also be willing to help others in return.

6. Orphans. True orphans probably won’t exist in your locale nor will there be an orphanage. But, functional orphans do exist in potential when young, unmarried girls become pregnant. Do what you and your entire team can do to convince the pregnant girl plus her most significant people that the “orphan to be” be made available for adoption; local when all factors seem favorable. Facilitate this in every way you can. Another challenging single-family scenario is one in which  the child spends a lot of time in day care. The best bet here is for your team to do all it can to encourage a local  entrepreneur to start a for-profit Christian day care. The play book has been written, literally, and is titled How to Become a Millionaire in Christian Education. Find in Amazon, etc. See also:  


7. Crisis Pregnancy Center. Support your local center by volunteering or help to start one. Help also in educating about  the superiority of adoption for unwanted-pregnancy children and for children that young, unwed mothers unwisely and emotionally say they’re planning on keeping. Help by doing what you can for local Christians who are able to, to adopt a child who may be doomed if left in financially unstable, fatherless situations. See Ann Coulter, in Human Events article of July 7, 2011, “Casey Anthony – Single Mom of the Year!” re the huge negatives of single motherhood.

8. Local jail outreach. The Bible mentions visiting those in bonds, although exactly what kinds of prisoners the Hebrews writer had in mind in 13:3 isn’t certain. Were they friends unjustly held, ordinary miscreants, felons? But for you, at least, some in jail will welcome a representative of Christ. They are as needy for spiritual and moral assistance as one ever gets. A county or city jail in or near your locale has two-fold potential. First, of course, to the needy offenders. Second, to the law enforcement officials; Police, sheriffs, probation officers, lawyers, judges and staff. Form friendly relationships and as you can, let them know about the wider scope of your ministry and that a jail outreach is just one of your projects.

Most, all?, jailed offenders received certain talents and gifts from God at birth or “from before the foundations of the world.” But, for various reasons they appear to have missed the boat in not having had that good news made known to them. Had they been informed, perhaps the gifts could have been developed for good rather than bad. As you evangelize them, your service will include a talent/gift wakeup call that could prove life changing. You must, of course, begin with evangelism which is true whether the prisoner will be free in a week or in a year. Same prision ministries see evangelism as the top priority so that, practically speaking, if and when “born again day” arrives, their main task is over. But, this special day, if and when it comes, is the day that you and the prisoner will just be getting started.

You’ll try hard to ensure that Rom 12:1, 2 is understood in a life-changing way. You want the person, at the end of their jail sentence, to not only be different in Christ, but differently motivated in everything once their criminal inclinations are turned into tools for personal and community betterment. They need an in-depth biblical worldview so they’ll be exemplary, productive citizens on the outside. Maybe even kingdom warriors.

Service to the jailed is usually once a week and “classroom” oriented more than one-on-one, but tailor-made variations obviously exist. You can use tapes, Sunday school lesson material or a lecture format by you. You’ll find many helpful sites and details for individual or group Bible study via search engines. Use your own judgment. You might tailor-make a program for a special-case inmate with an aptitude for learning.

Warning: It’s not uncommon for the incarcerated to tell you anything they think you want to hear, so keep your  suspicion level up for their good and yours. Some do it even when they know you’re aware that they’re lying. For some, it’s just a bad habit. Or pride. It’s all of sin so stay privately skeptical. Some would try to con you in various ways including financially or by getting you involved with their non-jailed circle of acquaintances. Some will be saying to themselves, “I know I can use this guy (you) for my own purposes once I’m out.” Be careful.

Because of the preparation time required, you might find the most practical TGPUSA service would be to encourage a “specialist” team member to take on the jail task full time, limiting themselves to that ministry.

2. Part Two: Service to the locale at large.

Following are 26 different projects. Together and even within each one, they only scratch the surface of available and potential service projects. So, please let us know about your local modifications and improvements as well as the good ones you’ve discovered and that TGPUSA failed to include. Thank you.  

1. The service of information via email and facebook.      

Set up info links to your new locale friends by email. (Facebook if you’re into that.) Eventually having your own web site can also prove valuable. Wherever you go, record email addresses in your ever-present notebook. The service-related purpose here is to remind the folks of TGPUSA’s goal and to provide spiritual/philosophical information that will help them be more receptive to a biblical worldview conversion. In addition you can ask for help, give alerts about local events and issues, send links to articles, sermons, etc. You want to be a spiritual beacon.

Don’t “steal” an email list just because an email sent or forwarded to you happens to contain several lines of local names in Cc, carbon copy form instead of having been sent as a Bcc or blind carbon copy. “Earn” the addresses personally, face to face. Create a special folder for them in your email address book.

Where to find material to send? Internet overload is a huge problem and since politics is neither the cause nor the solution of our national spiritual-moral meltdown, avoid sending messages about standard “conservative” or Republican politics. You’ll lose them fast. Instead emphasize moral and spiritual challenges. On the other hand, sending  politics-related material that feature good or bad morality (it’ll mostly be bad) will help to highlight the need to switch to and apply God’s, not man’s rules for daily conduct and behavior. Also acceptable are politics related articles by theologians and laymen if written from a spiritual perspective. You’ll find these by searching the net and by using TGPUSA suggestions.

In any case, send material only on an occasional basis. Don’t overload readers. (People can opt out by typing “remove” in the reply subject line.) 


2. Homeschooling or the Discipling of Youth. [“Dih-cy -pling”: To teach; to train.]

The term “discipling” rather than “homeschooling” is a Bible-based and more comprehensive term. It better describes the overall program and goal.

Ala David Letterman, here are the Seventeen Top Reasons to reject state education and to convert to homeschooling:

17. You can go to school in your pajamas.

16. Better academic and character outcomes than in the morality-hostile, God-hostile public schools.

15. Gone is interference with family autonomy by busybody unionized teachers, know-it-all social workers and drug-dispensing staff psychologists.

14. Kids get to act like serious scholars part of the day, like pure kids part of the day and a serendipitous-creative mixture of the two the rest of the time.

13. Negative peer to peer, group to group “socialization” fostered by the schools is replaced by multiple parent-guided positive socialization opportunities outside the home within the local community. It leads to youth and young adult behavior that is adult and admirable in nature, not juvenile.

12. Exercises the unalienable God-given right of a parent to direct the education and upbringing of their own children.

11. Home, parental love and daily reflection on Christ and Scripture is the world’s best environment for  encouraging  an early, lasting, “born again” commitment.

10. Transforms the home from an entertainment center to a family-based center for teaching kingdom advancement.

9. Besides propagating promiscuity, the public schools encourage secular/pleasure-based dating, also known as “practicing for divorce.”

8. Prevents physical danger, even death, as trends towards student violence continue.

7. Prevents Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm negative peer influence and peer dependency.

6. Blessings to children and parents in academics and life as they learn together.

5. Unique parental ability to discover a child’s God-given gifts/talents applicable for vocations and life-long direction.

4. Provides the seed inputs for the kind of vocational entrepreneurship thinking that’s always needed for national material progress, for dominion-taking and for building that “shining city on a hill.”

3. Creates young adults well qualified for eventual church, political, civic and cultural leadership positions.

2. Formation of unbreakable, life-long, intra-family bonds.

1. For the sake of pure obedience to God and resultant blessings to both children and parents.

If more would see this list and take advantage, would the USA be the better for it?

Pouring out of the schools every June are the intellectually betrayed - also known as poor thinkers and robotized non-thinkers. Such betrayal is the top goal of power hungry government education planners in their plan for mind control of the level portrayed in Orwell’s chilling novel, Nineteen Eighty Four. A vivid picture of what we actually get for our federal and local education dollars was dramatized by the kindergarten-esque behavior of youth protestors on the loose during 2011’s Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and by the destructive, Madison, WI, teacher/union unrest that winter. Three of the bigger “successes” of the school planners are 1) a staggering ignorance relative to politics, limited government and the tough task of maintaining  personal liberty, 2) a locked-in inability to recognize much less critique tyrannical socialism, and 3) a similar inability to defend basic economics, the free market and the Bible.

Entitlement-minded, safety net-loving voters who are “fairness” driven and content to be takers, not makers is another triumph by youth education manipulators. Those who do graduate are poorly literate with the written word, yet the pro-government enslavement doctrines of Gramsci, Alinsky, Marx, Cloward and Piven are implanted and accepted with  zeal and commitment.  The national divorce rate of 50% goes directly to the “there are no absolutes,” do your own thing kind of social engineering instilled in them in the  classrooms.

Recall the array of world dictators who’ve proclaimed, “Give me the child until age six and they’re mine forever.” In the same way the  “all humanism-all the time” schools control the national culture because they get to the youth first with a purposeful plan. Nor are we adult members of the remnant exempt from their wiles. 20th century Christian parents  naïvely gave their children (us) over to the Moloch of 14,000 school seat hours of social engineering and brainwashing, K-12, just as their parents did with them.

150 years of Horace Mann, Prussian influence, John Dewey, Edward and Francis Bellamy, the NEA, Kinsey and Sanger  have produced a pliant electorate ready for full governmental control. It could have been interdicted at any point, but a pietistic 20th century Church, for a host of indefensible reasons, decided not to fight. Not broadcast any longer is the shocking truth: Most Americans were home-taught (mostly from a pro-God base) for 260 years from 1620 to 1880. The first 25 presidents of the U.S. were fully or partially schooled at home. But, it’s been downhill ever since.

To bring this government-school goofiness to a halt we’d be wise to recall that God instructs parents to disciple His children using prayer and all of Scripture, the keystone passage being Deut 6:7-9. Teaching spiritual transformation and the tough lessons of Scripture is a tough job given the man/child sin nature. That’s why this passage commands that the parents interact with the child throughout the day, not just at odd hours now and then. But for nearly 150 years, the USA has made the fatal, socialism-abetting mistake of going it alone without God regarding education. (For every message such as the one you’re reading there are 57 other contrary opinions by silly pastors and seminarians who still pretend to believe children need to be in the public schools so they can be salt and light to their classmates and even in some cases to their teachers! This “conviction” often has more to do with the baby sitting benefits the pastor and his wife enjoy more than with following Bible directives. In the end, tere is no evidence that the highly touted salt and light plan for public schools is outshining Satan’s corrupt alternatives. Even to hold such a view as it regards inexperienced children is proof that the enemy’s school indoctrination programs are working, including for Christian  pastors to be.

For serious parents however, the far easier job of teaching the 3 Rs is easily piggy-backed onto the Deuteronomy task, which is  as it should be. Even subjects as relatively lowly as arithmetic and spelling can’t be truly understood without simultaneously teaching that God is the creator of numbers, letters, words and language as well as science, calculus, math, atoms and everything else typically inventoried under the topic of education.

In addition, true learning isn’t happening if God isn’t integrated in because there are no such thing as “neutral” facts when teaching or otherwise. Either God created the universe and all of the needing-to-be-discipled-people in it, or “Darwin did.” We can’t have two masters. Even the topics, thought, truth and knowledge, are only understandable thanks to a transcendent God who alone provides the true epistemological base which enables us to know what we know and that we’re even able to know anything at all. Since God is the God of epistemological sanity and Darwin isn’t, even the lowly number “1” and the letter “p” were made by Him and for Him. He’s made clear that if we are not to cheat our children then the “it’s-all-about-God-all-the-time” message must be triumphantly proclaimed by the teacher during the formative years; and daily at that.

Discipling then, is biblical moral training in combination with the 3 Rs. The God-rejecting “neutrality” the schools tell us they employ falsely implies the presence of an inoffensive, non-religious middle ground exactly half way between a  pro-God and an anti-God position. Yet, even while government school Darwinists demand we play according to their definition of neutrality, they know full well that that their own belief system is a fully religious, faith-based, “the miracle of the Big Bang,” life from non-life, anything but neutral system itself. Purposely knocking the creator of the universe out of the education stream and calling it neutrality is insanity, not neutrality.

“But the public school system used to work, didn’t it?” Sort of, but only so long as a residual though declining God-based focus still existed. Even at that, state-run schools can’t be justified because of the conceptual errors intrinsic to them. That would be the God given truth that primary educaiton must be parent only, plus the counter intuitive notion that  hoards of caged-in, cooped-up kids could be expected to learn anything effectively in such settings while being bent, folded and stapled by strangers who could not possibly love or care for them as do their parents. Since state schools no longer give even the appearance of being effective, the time is ripe for the national moment of truth in which the school emperor is seen to be without clothes.

On the way to TGPUSA‘s ultimate point, here is a powerful public school teacher testimony by a “J. T.” It helps to put things into the best perspective:

“I am a public school teacher in one of the ‘best’ jurisdictions in the country in terms of test scores and minority success. Yet despite that, we are still what any reasonable person would call a disaster of sloth and ignorance. I strongly encourage [everyone] to find alternatives for their kids besides public schools. As hard working as most of the teachers are, the place is an irretrievable cesspool of low morals, the celebration of ignorance and complacency, and is generally soul-sucking.  

To supplement my income (and my sanity) I ‘guest lecture’ for a number of homeschool networks when I am not at the public school. Without exception, the homeschooled students are more alert, inquisitive, literate, logical, and capable. I wish this weren’t the case because I put so much effort into my public school kids, but the damage has been done by the time they get to me in high school; like a malnourished child who will be stunted for life despite great nutrition as an adult.  

My child will never set foot in an American public school and I routinely urge parents of my students to do the same (drawing the ire of my administration and co-workers for some reason). Public education being ‘free’ is not an excuse to put your kids there. As I tell the more bright public school students when they complain about the pace or their classmates, public school is free and you get what you pay for.”  

Since 99% automatically accept the entrenched public school model, your TGPUSA information service on discipling youth will go strongly against the grain in your locale. Even prospective TGPUSA volunteers may have early concerns about where you want to take this initiative. After all, doing public school is normal while discipling at home is not. So deeply embedded is the humanist line that people just “know” that teaching and training from a Bible base is simply weird and wrong.  To advance their social engineering agenda, clever manipulators know how to make “not normal” morph even further into “abnormal.” They use ridicule and lies about any education option that’s not government run.

Your service of persuasive information in this battle to the death between Christian discipling and statist brainwashing is near the center of everything you’ll be doing. As you launch out with the full array of TGPUSA service suggestions, you will, in tandem with them, be doing your level best to convince parents to wake up to the consequences of keeping American youth imprisoned in the falsely revered, intentionally anti-God, schools. It’s fair to say that 90% if not more of the USA’s multiple problems are traceable directly to the no-critical thinking, pro-humanism, pro-socialism, anti-values madness hammered home in school classrooms from K to 12 to Kollege. See further evidence for the truth of this stunning fact under “Articles & Books.”

Here’s how your parent and pastor awareness campaign plays out in practice: You’ll use the internet, fliers, information tracts, guest speakers, good books, small/large meetings with tapes, DVDs and movies, word of mouth and your own calmly presented, reasonably but unrelenting importuning. Particularly important will be DVDs such as the award winning IndoctriNation movie available for sale at various places on line.  

Also suggest to parents that they work hard to convince their children to refuse the college loan option. The traditional  four years with a degree plan, especially, needs serious rethinking given the low academic standards and the poor job potential picture. (Google, Why Go To College? by Geo. Leef.)  Instead, parents can: Start their homeschoolers out early with college courses online; use community colleges while living at home or even do the entire college online.

Even better is for parents to guide pre college children towards entrepreneurship thinking to include no or low pay involvement in mentor or intern type opportunities locally. (In dad’s business if it exists.) The potential here is that the typical four-year game foisted off onto mis-led “tuitionists” might be avoided. If at all possible a small business can even be started in the early teen years. Also worth considering is for the child to work in a pre vocational setting that seems to have as much a long term avocation potential as it does a vocational benefit. In the best scenario the teen can skip the  academic and social mayhem campus scene while taking, over time online or locally, whatever college courses seem to be personally needed to advance a current home business or eventual vocation. Or to round out the intellect.  This approach evolves as practical, everyday experience out in society dictates and  provides. If one wants the satisfaction and any possible advantages of a typical four-year degree (as opposed to a stretched-out degree) just let it be done from home.

All vital to a national spiritual/moral revival lies with home discipling. (And by volunteer-operated “church basement” settings. These can and should be made available for special cases such as for single parents. For more see:  http://www.insectman.us/exodus-mandate-wv/one-room-school.htm) Discipling is the Bible approved way to achieve the kind of Godly, culture-influencing leadership needed. And, to repeat: to restore the respect for hard work, self-responsibility and entrepreneurship that made this country unique in history.

The parents and grandparents in your locale must be re-persuaded to analyze, guide, encourage and cheerlead for homeschooling and entrepreneurship thinking. Whether the young adult goes on vocationally in agriculture, airplanes, banking, business, chemistry, commerce, economics, education, entertainment, farming, finance, government, journalism, justice, law, logging, media, medicine, movies, nursing, politics, religion, sports, transportation, TV and the rest, it should be to honor God, to win the admiration of co-workers and converts-to-be, AND to materially advance a nation that could still become the shining city on a hill our Christian founders hoped for.

See also the article, “Exodus Out of Tax-Funded Schools in Major Cities,” by Gary North, July 25, 2012

The ultimate desired outcome of every TGPUSA service project is repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

3. The Sex Patrol Project.   

TGPUSA won’t be surprised if this project and its name sound a bit far out. But, don’t let the title or its higher ranked position in the list throw you off. We’re giving it a top spot because that’s what we feel about its importance. What you ultimately do with it, and when, will be up to you.

History shows that widespread societal sexual self-indulgence and depravity always devolves into generalized moral breakdown. The rate of decline, however, is often so slow and incremental that people going about their business adjust to it even up to a point just prior to ultimate street chaos and civic panic. Voters then demand or will docilely accept forcible government intervention and, ultimately - tyranny. When the rulers themselves become infected with the same hedonistic sexual-excess virus, the destruction of the nation (or in olden days, the empire) is not far off.  TGPUSA theorizes that this scenario is well underway in the USA as we speak and that principled Christians should do all they can to end it.

But, tyranny? In the USA? Yes, and here’s why. The arrogant and power-hungry of the world have sought power historically to assuage their own socio- or psychopathic needs. Or simply to impose God-hating, evil tyranny whether by socialism, communism, Platonism (same thing as communism) or fascism. In the end, all of them crush the people with Gulag level intensity no matter what the regime’s name. Justification by these rulers is the all too common (and  semi-secret) belief, to include many 20th and 21st century U.S. rulers, that the people are too stupid to know how they should be ruled. We’ve seen it from the time of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, and yes, even earlier if we are to be honest. It was worse still during the FDR-Truman period and the trend has continued, little by little, with Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, the Bushes and, now, with the current occupant. (The upsurge of the  Tea Party represents a degree of recognition of the trend.)

Some may scoff at this thesis and God bless you anyway, but others know the USA is no more immune from tyrants-to-be than anyplace else. We were once a Christian nation which at least conferred a degree of semi-protective immunity. But that was then. Today, we’ve become as much a target for tyranny as any other country. Happily, a better awareness of this sin-driven power urge by the usual suspects has finally surfaced in the minds of at least some, to include  Christians who, by definition, tend to be more alert to the threat of dictatorship because of the threat to the gospel and government impediments to kingdom advancement.

Are potential dictators using the side door lure of rampant sexual hedonism to further their agendas? TGPUSA says they are:

In the so-called Victorian Age, the topic of sex was minimized in daily discourse, literature, art, the theater, the press and so on, even so until well into the 20th century. Just thinking the term was as bad as verbalizing it. But, alas, no more, especially here in the high-tech, trend-setting USA. From dawn to dusk, from TV to magazines to movies, from the beach to the ski slopes, from the sports bars to the executive suite; from the state house to the rectory; from Bill and Monica to the Kennedys to Gaga to Gingrich to John Edwards to Mark Sanford to free abortions, to Viagra, to the pill, it’s sex, sex and more sex non-stop whether male-female, male-male, female-female. Or adult-child.

Once respected as the wonderful gift and soul-binding potential for wedded bliss that sex holds (in addition to its clever ability to maintain a national replacement rate) sex, at its current animalistic low, is now humanism’s top sacrament. It’s trumpeted from the rooftops, even from primary schoolroom rooftops. It’s exploited in ways that ruin young lives, keeps the unmarried from covenanting together in solid marriage engagement arrangements, leads to crime and destroys families.  This besieged land is having enough sex pushed on it to mislead and eventually destroy even the strongest.

As usual, the underlying challenge is about who benefits. Of course there’s Satan, for one. In his campaign against God  he finds it relatively easy to use sex to manipulate an ever sin-prone populace. It also helps that this populace has  mega propensities for sexual sin even without satanic aid. Others who benefit are the anything-for-a-profit lowlifes in the TV, movie, salon, clothing and porn industries and within date-rape driven illicit drug circles. Planned Parenthood’s handy (“oops, didn’t count on that”) abortion clinics are big money makers as are Big Pharma’s prevention and termination-inducing merchandise. When Freud and associates outed sex for fun and profit, the sex-savvy likes of Hefner, Kinsey, Guccione, Sanger, Flynt and an auxiliary cast of thousands wasted no time turning it into a coldblooded money machine and national PR crusade for all sex all the time.

But, as earlier stated, TGPUSA finds a much darker motive than money; namely, the lust for power by that ever-present cast of sociopaths in government fully aware of how a ramping up of the “right to sexual license” can advance their agenda. It goes like this: With humanism’s sacred anthem of “if it feels good do it” and thus, “if anything feels good do it” now securely embedded in the national psyche, a creeping disregard for sexual limits is one of the top results. Of all  moral imperatives, sexual self-control is one of the weakest links in man’s overall armor of values. If and when that barrier crumbles it becomes even easier to begin cutting corners on other honored values as well. Power seekers do all they can to make it happen because when values plummet, public chaos rises and alarmed citizen call for government rescue on an emergency basis no matter how intrusive the rescue.

Liberal-dedicated venues in the USA for abetting the sex plague include the Dept. of Education, the National Education Association, NARAL, various foundations, the ACLU and others. No doubt George Soros as well. Their education initiatives teach (1) that sexual self-government and abstinence are repressive, and (2) that biblical commands against fornication, adultery, coveting and having other gods (with sex as the replacement god) are outdated and worthy only of scorn. With the siren call of “all sex all the time” and four of the toughest of the Ten Commandments undermined, it’s that much easier for a softened-up populace to toss out all of them (and the rest of God’s laws as well) thus giving the green light for out of control appetites in all sectors.

When anti-Ten Commandment behavior in the public square deteriorates to broad civic chaos, smart power seekers know this lawlessness makes for a perfect, quasi-legitimate pretext for grabbing control. A worried populace cries out for help, demanding that someone do something;  a white-hatted power seeker’s dream scenario. And, as has been famously said, “You never want a good crisis to go to waste.”

But, hold on a second. If the law of the jungle rears its head in the public square, so what? In a nation that’s public school trained to believe that it’s all about me all of the time, aren’t a few anti-authority, cleansing street protests supposed to be a good thing every now and then? Regrettably, such relatively tame protests as Occupy Wall Street function as ground breaking trial runs for future crisis points when radical unrest deepens. Looting, burning, bloodshed, anarchy and murder escalate. That’s when we hear, “take over, please” and few in a robotized nation, public school-trained to believe that government knows best, will object.

The beauty of exploiting the morality-crushing power of sexual anarchy is that conniving power seekers aren’t seen as being the ones to blame for bringing a nation to the point of dictatorship. No, it’s just a mysterious series of “random events” that force “our leaders” to don their white hats.

Incidentally and importantly, dictatorship potential also exists in the sex ploy’s friend, a movement that’s nearly just as dangerous…the hoax of man-made global warming and the lie that it’s a solid fact which of course it is not. Global warming maybe, but not man made. MMGW is part and parcel of the march for control that needs us to get used to thinking that government “may be forced” to intervene whether energy and electricity wise or sexual excess and civic violence wise. If, by propaganda, guile, guilt manipulation and lies, a global warming spouting dictator-to-be gains control of a nation’s material lifeblood – fossil fuels and electricity – he controls everything and thus everyone.

Many among the morally and academically dumbed down among us (the schools again!) are always prone to surrender freedoms to dictators disguised as benevolent philosopher kings who would “protect the planet” from excessive materialism by the more selfish fossil fuel hogs around us. We dumbed-down ones are also eager to accept, no…to demand, government protection from the inevitable riots when our needs, wants and general stuff, at market prices, disappear in the government-controlled economy that global-warming insiders want.

This crafty historic impulse to dictatorship often goes so far as to encourage economic breakdowns or to capitalize on catastrophes of nature so as to be able to order war-footing status. This lets them justify (always in the name of freedom) the “patriotic cancellation” of personal freedoms and markets when (manufactured) hostilities with other nations are said to be imminent or whatever else they can spew from the airways.

But, the premier way to gain power is to trick the people into begging for the power-hungry to ride to the rescue to halt civic unrest, violence and anarchy. And, this is where the sex ploy angle shines. More could be said about our national sexual insanity, but whether the above scenario of sexual excess as a guarantor of dictatorship is dead-on accurate or not, the fact remains that our collective national sexual lunacy is bad enough all by itself even without any potential for tyranny. The very real everyday chaos of broken homes, broken marriages, broken lives, serious disease and life long  unhappiness speak for themselves. Thus, and in any case, we Christians must try to halt and reverse this disastrous trend.

Possible Action: 

1. Being in uncharted waters here, you, your partner and the rest of your team can do some original brainstorming. Share your conclusions and actions with TGPUSA.

2. Get others locally to admit to what’s going on. Transmit a sense of emergency urgency.

3. Use Google etc. to search out handout type literature that’s already been prepared.

4. Request that pastors speak to the topic regularly. Parent emphasis is the key.

Pastors from their pulpits say little about our national sexual incontinence nor do very much to convince husbands, wives and parents that they are the best ones to uplift biblical sexual standards in the family. Churches may offer a one-time program or speaker, but the problem must be met more head-on and more often. Bold pulpit pronouncements, however, are often seen as being too iffy since they risk rocking the same congregational opinion boat that pastors dare not rock relative to youth removal from the sacrosanct public schools.

Here’s another church problem these days: The clothing of the public school influenced wives and daughters of pastors, elders, deacons and staff are often just as eye-catching on Sunday morning as those seen outside church walls.

Do all you can to reverse these trends. It’s a battle we must not lose. There is no easy answer except Scripture. No single DVD training series or once a year power point presentation will suffice.

5. Print up or locate brochures for parents which give the biblical model for sex, dating, marriage, abstinence and fidelity.

6. Do all you can do get kids out of the cucumber-infested public school sex classes by getting them out of the schools altogether.

7. Study up and then talk with local Girl Scout leaders about the liberal, pro-sexually active, pro-gay direction of the GS’s national council.

8. Use Amazon to see the interview and the book, What Are You Waiting For? by Dannah Gresh. With the Bible in one hand and this book in the other, many of your target parents and youth will be closer to seeing abstinence and sexual non-sinning as being the superior way.

9. Read article: “A Passion for Purity vs. Passive Prayers” by John Piper. Ref. Matt. 5:28-29.


10. Men (and women too) should resolve to stop oogling, gawking at and flirting with members of the opposite sex in public; whether anyone is noticing or not. God is and coram deo applies here especially. Parents must be careful to help squelch this childish national habit. Parents should also resolve not to patronize marginal movies or TV programs. The damage is done little by little, thus the challenge is endless.

If you folks of the remnant out there can make any kind of a dent in this national sexual plague, TGPUSA wants to know about it so it can be shared abroad.

Shortly after this ”Sex Patrol” section was completed, TGPUSA became aware of an added description of how the sex bomb can be and is being used to ruin a culture. Taken from the the book, Libido Dominandi, by E. Michael Jones:

Quote: In defending his [sexual] passions, the victim [of criticism related to his sexual practices] thinks he is defending his very self when in fact he is defending the interests of those who give him the permission to gratify his passions. When government incites and protects the gratification of these passions it gains a hold over the people in a way more deep-seated than any other. Aldous Huxley wrote: ”A really efficient totalitarian state is one in which an all-powerful group of political bosses and their army of managers controls a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced  because they love their servitude. In present-day totalitarian states the task of making them love this servitude is assigned to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and school teachers.”  The best way to make slaves love servitude is to make servitude pleasurable. Therefore, all that remains in turning sex, which is certainly pleasurable, into a form of control is to make the state the arbiter of sex. This frees sex up to be enjoyed on terms established by the state, not by the moral order. Thus, a population of slaves will quickly swear allegiance to what it sees as the source and guarantor of its pleasure.  By taking control of the sexual lives of the people, the state takes control of the citizens at their most vulnerable point. What makes the control so effective is that it is not seen as control at all, but rather as “freedom,” which is defined as the ability to gratify illicit desire. Unquote. [See pg. 303-304.]

The above would seem to have reference to “favorable” governmental attitudes related to the legality of abortion, easy attainment of birth control drugs, homosexuality, same sex marriage, lowered legal standards regarding  pornography and the like.

From this point on there’s systematized order to the projects listed. It’s your choice as to which one, when, and how often you’ll use them. It may be that you’ll never get to all of them, instead using  those that work best for the attention-getting, locale-changing results you’re after.   

4. Tutoring needy youth in reading, math, science, etc.  

A fine way to be a kingdom advancer while providing help within the USA’s educational problem. Since proven illiteracy among high school graduates is a national scandal, tutoring is a good way to insert yourself into the lives of early, middle and high school-aged kids. (And, most important, into the lives of their parents and friends.) The trust and good relationships developed will help them for life after school as you use the tutoring occasion to steer them educationally, spiritually and possibly vocationally.

Skill in tutoring is obviously not automatic just because you happen to know the subject. It may take some training, so search out “tutoring” on the web. Discover who local targets may be by asking at church or school. Once you’re up and running, try to recruit TGPUSA supporting part-timers. There may also be adults in your locale who can’t read. Consider helping them if you find them.

http://literacydirectory.org/ is helpful.

You can’t be too careful these days because of the potential for improprietycharges so choosing your venue needs care as does the inter-gender question. There should be people with impeccable credentials within eye-shot. Tutoring in the child’s home just because a parent is there may or may not be the best thing. Transportation is another question. For example, don’t be alone in a car with the person being tutored. Many would love to spread rumors.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.    

5. A home library.  

Online material is a great way to get educated. But, not the only way. Print material still has its place. Begin gathering books, articles and DVDs related to TGPUSA’s goal, lending them out for short periods and making sure to keep track so you can get them back. See the “Articles” and “Books” button for some starter suggestions. Invite adults and youth to  your library. Many will be flexible enough to be inspired.

See your home library as a tool for developing friendships and working relationships.

6. Launch a joint Bible/Book study group.  

Using the kind of books TGPUSA recommends and with an open Bible alongside, start a study group. Perhaps with the aim of assessing and solving, at least “on paper,” your locale’s current moral related civic challenges. Analyze them  guided by a non-social gospel, non-social justice interpretation of the Old and New Testaments.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

7. Small group fellowship meetings for pastors.   

As an experiment, you – as an independent layman and non-pastor - can contact local pastors and suggest a monthly breakfast or lunch gathering. You’d be the semi behind the scenes host and event manager. The purpose would be for fellowship, new friendships, sharing of prayer requests, mutual support and general encouragement. Ideally they would be men brave and honest enough to agree about the nation’s crumbling moral status. They’d also be willing to think beyond “evangelism alone” as being the path to meaningful reformation and revival. That is, willing to be open to those measures that need to be applied after a person has come to Christ for salvation and conversion. Opportunities would be available for discussing challenging moral, ethical and political topics from a Bible base, some but not all of which you would bring to their attention. (Ideally, in advance of the meeting via emails, etc.)

Which pastors to contact? You’ll already know something about them in advance so invite those who come close to the above model. Calvinists, Arminians, Charismatics, Lutherans, Catholics (of non-social gospel and non-liberation theology persuasions) Episcopalians and the like. This kind of meeting is probably not the time to dwell on eschatology, the Middle East, the rapture, etc. TGPUSA followers already agree that since nobody knows when He’s coming back, and  if the end turns out not to be as near as is often predicted, our job is to pursue cultural regeneration with the idea that the battle can be won in our lifetimes, especially on behalf of generations yet unborn. This view is your working model. Predictions of His “soon return” have been going on since the mid-1800s which is why this bad habit must be abandoned and replaced with the view that we must act as though He’s not coming back for at least a thousand more years. To continue following this prophetic predictive pattern with its multiple decades of unmet expectations do date is folly. It would be a cruel betrayal of the next generation and the generations beyond.

View this project philosophically this way: Is there a local church ministering to its members in such a way that each one is applying Scripture effectively in every area of daily life? Is Satan sufficiently worried that he’s ready to attack  those ministries, or already doing it? If so, it would be quite unusual. In most locales Satan doesn’t even bother showing up at all. He doesn’t have to. Most churches are already ineffectual enough on their own in regard to being a positive, kingdom advancing influence in culture. There’s little or no need for any extra sabotage by the horned one. His well trained, community wide humanist disciples have been sufficient to the task all by themselves for decades. As Jay Grimstead has put it. “It’s not secular-progressivism that’s caused the USA to go down, it’s unbiblical-evangelicalism.”

Your dream goal would be to see this common condition of church irrelevance change. What an opportunity!

Get a consensus that these meetings be tried for a minimum of three months. At that point there should be evident Holy Spirit guidance as to the next step or steps – or not.

For further additional and excellent thoughts along this line see Jay Grimstead’s site  at  www.reformation.net.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.

8. Crisis Pregnancy Outreach. 

Support your local crisis pregnancy center by volunteering or by helping to start one. Get start-up information online. A crisis pregnancy outreach is a fine Christian humanitarian service and a great way for volunteer husbands and wives to work together in a good cause.

Since there are a lot of inter-agency administrative connections between crisis/unwanted pregnancies on one hand and the potential for local adoption on the other, be sure to check into this worthy aspect of rescuing babies. With adoption, lives are saved plus adoptive Christian families receive a chance to flourish. This also helps meet the future need in culture for more Christians.

Educate your locale on the superiority of adoption for unwanted-pregnancy children. Do the same for those birthed children whom too many young, unwed mothers emotionally and unwisely (though understandably) want to keep once they’ve seen an ultrasound sonogram. Or, when otherwise persuaded against abortion. Do what you can to persuade and help local Christians adopt children who are often seriously shortchanged if left in financially unstable and  fatherless scenarios. See Ann Coulter, in her Human Events article of July 7, 2011, “Casey Anthony – Single Mom of the Year!” regarding the huge negatives of single motherhood.

Beyond the adoption emphasis, volunteering for and supporting the pro-life movement makes a good opening for you to provide the service upon which TGPUSA‘s goals depend.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.    

9. Local law enforcement. 

(Please review Part One, #8: Direct service to needy individuals.)

Form friendly relationships with local law enforcement officials; police, sheriffs, probation officers, lawyers, judges and staff. Make appointments as necessary. Let them know about the wider scope of your ministry and that a jail outreach is just one of your projects. Explain the relationship between Bible precepts, obedience to local laws and the principles of personal freedom that most folks  – as well as these local officials – consider to be sacrosanct. Second Amendment issues and self protection may be a good meeting ground since these officials also know the meaning of the adage that “when seconds count, law enforcement is only minutes away.” This is no knock on them. They can only do so much and they  need citizens to know that home and personal protection is, first of all, a matter of Bible-based individual responsibility.

One good reason for building friendly ties is the disturbing move afoot orchestrated  by the liberal left in D.C. and in some states to alienate enforcement officials against some local citizens. These “problem people” are defined as being irrational, flag-waving, Bible-thumping, gun-toting, racist bigots and troublemakers. Some younger officers, set up as they’ve been in the public schools to be non-critical thinkers and liberal myth acceptors, may already be starting to believe these lies. The federal government is also militarizing local and state police forces. SWAT teams are becoming common even in small towns, with armored cars being granted by the federal government. Your culture-impacting message needs to be shared with the men making up the rosters of these strange new SWAT teams.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

10. Pay attention to community meetings, proposals and events. 

There are official and unofficial community groups, clubs and agencies that meet in public over various issues and proposals. If these proposals are ultimately carried out they have potential for good or not so good. You’ll learn of them via local media and the town telegraph. Pre-analyze their agendas; decide on your team’s response in advance and then consider attending meetings in watchdog or contributing mode. Via letters to the editor, your email network, phone alerts or word of mouth you can take measures to inform and influence and then further decide whether to take action.  If you attend be sure to take notes. Consider making discreet use of a small tape or video recorder. (No need to look like an enemy.)

Much of what drives community change takes place “officially” at city halls and county commission venues. Some of these (often politics-related) meetings will merit your attention. These bodies govern us based on laws and ordinances that stem from a generally agreed upon, though usually non-specified, moral base. These laws will, by definition, be based either on the values of fallen man or on Scripture. It won’t take long to determine which moral base the people involved believe they’re using. You can comment accordingly as occasions suggest.

Since you may be attending quite a few but haven’t as yet, go first to a few and observe in order to get the hang of the way things are done and to evaluate the players. When your own TGPUSA group is ready to speak out on a matter you’ll want your comments/proposals to be effectively presented. Practice runs will help. Not all meetings will be official but, even so, and if open to the public it could be important that you attend. Check local media.

They say you can’t fight city hall and there’s a lot of truth there. Many of the political animals inhabiting these dens of intrigue have been at the game for years with a degree of dedication few of us can or care to relate to. For many, it’s their reason to exist. They have a huge head start on us and are often not motivated by Christian precepts or a biblical worldview; rather, more by self-advancement and a craving for the power they hope to acquire under the banner of  “service to the community.”

When in watchdog mode you may learn of perfectly righteous agendas that, happily, don’t force you into a “counter measures” mode. If so, your team may want to volunteer its help. But, some of the things you’ll need to oppose will demand quite a bit of time, energy and preparation. Pick your battles, keeping in mind your human resource limits and danger of burn-out.

Be judicious of time. This “community meeting” project of your overall TGPUSA service endeavor is a permanent one and could cut seriously into scarce family and leisure time. Remember, “DSC:” Discipline, determination, sacrifice and commitment. Do some of this project by roster assignment; sharing when possible to avoid overload. For big ticket community issues, attend as a team. Prepare. Pray. Find out if your city has a web site and use it. Some information there will be interesting. In time, get your team’s name or even your agenda if possible added to the site.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

11. Warn voters about wasteful school bond levies and proposals.   

Strange as it may seem, this tax money-related suggestion has fine potential to help in the overall process of reviving and reforming the spiritual soul of your locale. To review: U.S. public school performance is slipping; so much so that  national academic and character outcomes rank as “poor” compared to other countries. (Ironically, these overseas students are often motivated to do well in their schools so they’ll  someday be qualified to come to the USA where the streets are ”paved with gold.” Their motivations for learning, studying and self sacrifice are clearly higher than ours.)

The average reported public school cost per student per year in 2012 is around $10,000. Several states spend $17,000 or more and Washington D.C. approaches $25,000. The monies come  from local property taxes plus other state and federal sources and go mainly for teacher and staff salaries, health insurance and pensions. Other direct expenses include administration, bus service  and school supplies. Although $10,000 seems relatively generous, the more that’s received, the more that’s demanded each year even as test scores and international ratings drop.

However, if states, as they should, would use the well known GAP or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (which forces true costs out into the open) in their calculations, you’d find true amounts as much as 50% higher tucked away in non reported side areas. Such items as capital expenditures, certain kinds of personnel training, equipment investment, etc. are often not publically reported. That is, in summary, $10,000 might be reported but $15,000 would be the actual amount spent.

Here’s the problem: Deliberate under reporting works to encourage most taxpayers to continue being comfortable with say, $10,000 per student, as not being unreasonable. They’d be much more likely to take a closer look if they knew $15,000 was closer to the truth. These hidden costs are kept that way on purpose as much as possible. Should the facts become known to taxpayers it could easily represent a serious threat to the education lobby and their sacrosanct public schools; schools which, even at $10,000 can hardly be said to be performing close to what is claimed. As an example, be aware of the large number of freshman remedial courses colleges find they must demand for high school graduates.

Not that all unreported expenses are necessarily frivilous. It’s that the other side of the coin and ledger – the tax-payer provided teacher salary, health care and pension benefits are so disproportionately out of whack with similar skill job  benefits in the private sector. Strategic under reporting is used to prevent the public’s psychological breaking point from reaching critical mass.

This is where your service relative to the bond issue challenge comes in: Poor products are placing a focus on U.S. schools in which increasing numbers of tax payers, voters and parents have decreasing confidence. This means that serious questions must begin to be asked about schools being the automatic blank check, no-questions-asked recipients of bond issue-based cash injections. Bond issues mean higher property taxes and a whole lot of money for the faceless  bond issue administrators whoever and wherever they are. Just how many more swimming pools, building additions, library and athletic facility upgrades will it take to figure out that it’s not deficient school physical plant or “inadequate” teacher health care, salaries and pensions that constitutes the nation’s core education problem?

The next time a bond threat arises in your locale is a good time to study the material on a site that will provide helpful information. It’s called www.rollbacklocalgov.com. You can read the material, browse the navigation buttons and act on your own or contact the site director for help. While on that site click on Tactics and the 101 Public Finance Algebra section. For more, go to an interview transcript at www.offthegridnews.com. Type “episode 084” in the search box.

During bond issue threats you should be able to find out by a public records request, the total cost (principal and interest over the 20/30 year bond repayment period) and therefore the corresponding annual tax increase for each citizen and business taxpayer in the township, city, etc. Since it’s public record material prepared by the local school administration’s financial advisor, you have the right to see the bond repayment schedule, projected tax increase and all other details. Later on, with the help of spread sheets etc., you can also determine by what amount local taxes (personal property and business taxes) will increase.  With this information in hand and using a local mailing or the like, you’re well prepared to encourage newly alerted voters to oppose the highly ballyhooed but almost always extravagant school bond proposal. You may catch flak from the local education establishment, but taxpaying citizens will be happy and you’ll gain respect.

Threatened bond issues are good opportunities to remind fellow citizens that modern day public schools operate in straight defiance of biblical values. They also waste prodigious amounts of funds that could otherwise go locally to help the poor and the elderly and to support local businesses. This is a feature to which all can agree is important for long-term community economic health. It’s interesting that most high school graduates leave town forever because “they can’t find jobs” at home. Of course they can’t. In fact, your locale may be lucky that as many businesses are stubbornly still up and running as are. When youth leave they take something of the local values with them that aren’t easily replaced. Left behind, too, are parents wondering if, when, and how often they’ll ever see their kids – or grandkids. Two decades of hard-won interpersonal relationships and bonding often just disappear. All for a shortage of jobs and new businesses thanks to high tax rates stemming from the failing but ever-demanding school system.

With your help, perhaps the next headline grabbing demand for yet more bond/millage money for a poor product will finally lead local parents to wake up to the failing schools challenge. How long must it be before these folks see that only the combination of good academics WITH a biblical moral base is the only way they’ll ever have children truly worthy of the pride all parents want to have in their adult children and grandchildren. Use these bond challenges as yet another way to advance Christian homeschooling (or at least private Christian education) and to advance the local reformation and revival you’re after.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

12. Establish friendly links with local service organizations.  

Kiwanis, Rotary, Elks, Lions and others generally have respected service-oriented influence in your community. Have some of your team members enroll and join to help broaden your circles of friendship and to learn. If you have enough members on your team, try placing a different council member in each club and be sure you actually serve. You’ll get good feedback on local thinking plus learn more details about serving. If you join, stay active until the volume of your own team’s projects makes it impractical to remain. Even after moving on, maintain friendly links so that mutual support remains a possibility. Some of your team council members or part-timers may eventually come from these groups. It’s possible that some clubs are not very active other than just for meeting and eating. That’s OK, too. There will be good men there who, in time, may be open to one-on-one discussions with you about your team’s campaign.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

13. Start a Christian businessmen’s Group. 

Businessmen are often the leaders and pace setters in any community. Attract them to your cause with an inspiring plea for revival of sin shunning, repentance, obedience and application of a biblical worldview to all of life. If they agree, start meeting for lunch where Bible answers to some of the problems of the day can be presented. Your purpose would be evangelistic secondarily since local churches still retain that task. Instead, the emphasis would be on how cultures do change for the better when people who are already converted to Christ in a theologically broad sense become persuaded to apply Christ’s maxims in their Monday through Saturday lives as businessmen and leaders in the community and as leades at home.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

14. Bulletin inserts. 

If you create good quality and carefully worded bulletin inserts pertaining to the TGPUSA program, various pastors may be willing to agree to their placement. In addition, free and downloadable inserts are available from the American Decency Association.

www.americandecency.org. Scroll down to Bulletin Inserts.

Another good one is http://www.creationmoments.com/resources/church-bulletins, also free. If there are other activities or events you want church people to know about or be involved in as volunteers, create the insert and get permission. Print them yourself and deliver them to the church. If helpful, offer to insert the bulletins yourselves prior to the Sunday service.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

 15. Scouting.    

If there is no scouting program in your locale think about starting one. Either that or a righteous facsimile. Classic scouting is a fine secondary education base for tomorrow’s adults. Kids enjoy it and will thank you. Set up the project so the eventual scout leaders will feel reasonably answerable to you for support and oversight regardless of who the ultimate Scout-sponsoring agency (a church, a service group, etc.) turns out to be.

It may be hard to believe but the Girl Scouts of America have been heavily co-opted by the liberal left and riddled through with plenty of pro-humanist and feminist blather. Only the cookies remain although where the cookie money goes is an open question. It might be better, depending, to try to form a girl’s group using the Campfire, 4H, Pioneer Girls, or American Heritage Girls model. Design a uniform and borrow the principles and activities from an old Girl or Boy Scout hand book from fifty years ago. An alternative for boys is the Christian Service Brigade often sponsored by churches. It has a good reputation. And the word “service” is good.

If a BSA or GSA group currently exists, insert yourself helpfully into positions of influence. Hopefully, in the case of Boy Scouts it will already be a good group and your aid will be welcomed. If Girl Scouts, it could be much more difficult as earlier described. It might be better to steer clear of the GSA altogether and start an independent girl’s group.

As for the Boy Scouts, a good way to get involved is for your team members to ask about advisor, teacher, or mentor roles in the Merit Badge Program so important in Scouting. You can find a list of these badges via Google. Concentrate on American Heritage, Citizenship in the Community, Nation and in the World. (Danger: Can you imagine how PC these training manuals might have become, even in the BSA? In spite of their traditional dedication to God, are we surprised that the BSA have no merit badges dealing with the USA’s Christian roots, pillars and principles?)

Other badges include General Sciences (is evolution included?) and Public Speaking. There’s a good chance that many other headings have not yet been taken by other advisors which leaves an opportune void for you. Use the merit badge manual/pamphlet provided, augmenting it with your own added curriculum and insights whether the BSA approach is heavily PC or not. For the final tests, insist that they know the BSA “school solution,” but make it your larger aim to see that they also know the true answers based on Scripture and true, non-revisionist history.

What you’ll be offering is great preparation for the time when they’ll finally be confronting left-humanist mind molders in college classrooms and beyond. It’s a great service and fine method of winning boys, girls and, maybe their parents as well to Christ. It’s also well-known that those attaing Eagle Scout rank turn out significantly better in life than their peers.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

16. Local political involvement.   

All culture needs to be transformed and since it’s part of culture, politics also requires your attention. But, community moral transformation won’t arrive through “better politics,” only via heart change as the majority of citizens turn to Christ.

Though not central to the challenge and the solution, we nevertheless do want people of our choosing to begin to move into leadership positions of local governance. This, because of what the righteousness of Christian office holders will mean for town happiness, even for non-Christians. When more TGPUSA-influenced folks begin filling political slots,  better  government (God-based, not man-based) will result. We can be encouraged by the promise in Proverbs 29:2 knowing that when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule the people mourn. As for political involvement operational details, there’s plenty of material in libraries and online. Candidate selecting and election victory planning is just a matter of dedication and hard work. It’s not rocket science.

We should nominate and support biblical worldview Christians for local office. Thus, early candidate grooming and training are key, especially in the years before elections. If possible, before future candidates turn 18. As with all childhood training, parents should be evaluating a child’s gifts and inclinations to see if they have political leadership potential. Some do and some don’t. However, even those who do should be imbued with the principle that the ideal representative is one who “has a job back home” and is only in office to serve temporarily. There’s no place in any country for professional political types who don’t hold wealth-producing jobs. Citizens should endeavor to scorn the error that leads certain ambitious types to think they want to become permanent “public servants.” Ha! No one loves private property and the fruits of their own labor more than a private person, yet no one seems to disrespect these values more than an entrenched career politician.

In terms of your locale, a key principle is that government ought always to be the authority of last resort. It’s much better if town problems can be ironed out by direct citizen participation and unofficial agreement rather than by high-cost edicts coming from on high. Cleaning up a river is perhaps an over simple example, but it makes the point about volunteerism. The same is true for welfare issues and other local challenges. Modern government has gotten way too big and must be chopped back. We want to see the day when churches, again, either singly or in consortium, play the local involvement role for which they are so well suited.

A further aspect of grooming and training comes when a person becomes mature enough to run for office. It’s best to start small instead of going for the big leagues right out of the chute. Think drain commissioner, school board, mayor, city clerk, etc. As they age and mature they’ll eventually be candidates for higher county and state positions where old laws can be repealed and better ones written. Dr. D. James Kennedy asks rhetorically: “Do you know what they call school board members, city councilmen, mayors and commissioners? They call them ‘Senator’ and ‘Congressman’.” By starting small and learning the ropes we’ll have biblical worldview Christians at levels where they can do good as they help to eliminate Big Government and revisionistic, Activist Courts. We must restore the vision of our founding fathers as to citizen participation. When “home-grown,” biblical worldview candidates aren’t in office or available to run then God’s principles won’t be there either. We need to work to make that happen.

Fortunately, there’s another way to have God’s principles applied when the best don’t hold office. If we, the locale’s electorate, begin suggesting that decisions and laws be based on Bible principles, even non-Christian office holders will pay attention if they’re serious about “serving the community.” (And holding office.) How will they know His principles if they’re not active Christians themselves? Our job is to inform them through letters and face to face conversations  about the standards and laws of righteousness As for the voters, your team can supply Bible-based information and education material.

Voter registration is obviously important and should be followed up by seeing to it that voters get to the polls, especially the well-informed. There’s nothing worse than seeing groups who vote merely based on emotions, habit, family loyalty and zero political awareness.

Americans have been programmed to believe that “real governing” takes place in distant kingdoms like Washington D.C. while the little stuff that happens back home is just little stuff. But, this has it all backwards. The important things of life outside of wars, the Supreme Court, national defense and foreign policy ought to be determined at your own city hall through well-informed citizen participation. For example, if there are legitimate hardship needs in town A then let compassionate Christians living in that town A find the solution rather than, via federal edict, forcing  towns B and C somewhere else in the other 49 states to pay. This clever A-B-C formula is the recipe by which politicians buy votes and maintain power. It should be stopped by ramping up the concept of local focus and involvement, not federal.

Here’s a reasonable premise: Let the 3,141 U.S. county governments in the 50 states (“ridings” in Canada) compete for the title of “most Bible-honoring.” Then let the people vote with their feet either by moving to the more pro-values and pro-happiness counties or by figuring out how to get theirs to become copies of the best via the ballot box. Why move when you don’t have to? When asked to summarize his political philosophy, Thomas Jefferson said he could state it in one sentence: “Divide the counties into wards.” In other words: decentralize. Always decentralize.

Citizens should continually be reminded that to “keep the money at home” is the rallying cry. Don’t send it first to the state or to Washington in hopes of getting back 9 or 10 cents on the bureaucratically mutilated dollar. For example, let highway users pay for the major roads electronically via tolls, photos, bar codes, etc. Why should the “State” in cahoots with hosts of dollar-siphoning agents be in charge of every last little thing? Keep the tribute money at home and we’ll take care of most of the necessary projects more efficiently with just a fraction of the amount we didn’t send them in the first place. Let the term “government grants” (vote-buying payouts) be heard no longer in the land. How did we ever fall for it?

Since politics is not the answer to cultural repair, Christians should be wary of the popular tendency to decorate church sponsored public events with patriotic displays. These things often imply that “We’re not just Christians, but patriotic, tradition venerating conservatives too.” Making obvious tie-ins between patriotism and loyalty to God is more common in the U.S. than in a lot of countries because of our religious history. But, the two are far from being the same thing. It may even be that God looks with some degree of distaste upon the political emphasis at patriotic political meetings in a church no  matter how many reverenced portraits of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, how many repetitions of God Bless America,  how fervent the pledge to the flag and no matter how lengthy the “patriotic” prayers. Our commonly accepted approach to politics and governance today is too often very shallow or non-existant as it refers to God.

A political issues related event or meeting set forth under semi-religious auspices should minimize patriotic symbols. The same is true for pious but insincere prayer gestures to a Creator whose Bible standards for civic behavior are the last thing on the minds of all but a few in attendance. Too often the God aspect is only a brief prayer tidbit before getting down to the “real purpose” of the meeting. Special convocation events calling upon God’s help regarding such issues as abortion, marriage, education, politics – even war – might better skip the patriotic fluff because it tends to obscure the real reason we’re there: The Lord and His commands. It’s fine to pray to Him and we should, but only if the meeting itself and all that the meeting hopes to accomplish are dedicated first and foremost to Him, not to the candidate or policy platform of the moment. If the meeting is truly about Him then the need for colorful flags, bunting, pictures, etc. is decreased. The day when the Christian flag is the most important physical symbol in the room and when a pledge to God is the first order of business (if there is to be a pledge), is the day that Christianity, patriotism and politics can be experienced as being more seamless.

A possible prayer or salute while facing the Christian flag:

I pledge my full allegiance to God, and to the Savior for whose kingdom this flag stands. Amen.

It’s true that all 50 state constitutions, preambles (and often other official state documents) pay heed to the Creator. But pro-God sentiment by federal leaders and down the line began waning when the U.S. Constitution’s preamble omitted God, dedicating the whole package to “we the people” instead. Shades of the French Revolution! Some even say that the road downward from grace may well have started with the U.S. Constitution. We got off to a very bad start politico-spiritually and it’s gotten progressively worse since then as the obvious, daily legislative and jucicial evidence proves.

Patriotism is often a good thing. Americans and Canadians are proud of their countries, and happy that, in God’s providence, we were fortunate enough to be born here. But, love of country must come after or alongside, not before, those things that we’re truly to be about.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

17. The Christian Flag. 

Fly an American or Canadian flag in your yard, but display a Christian flag alongside. If possible, have two separate   poles on the lawn, porch or attached to the side of the house. Please don’t place the Christian flag beneath the American or Canadian on a single pole. It’s very common and at a minimum violates the First Commandment. Christian flags are attractive and will spark interest. They say much about who you are and help call attention to your locale revival plan.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

18. Speaking and writing skills. 

Even your team’s best writer will benefit from expert material that is available online. In addition, all members  should  want to improve their speaking skills so think of your local Toastmasters, www.toastmasters.org. (Some members might even join your team.) Or you could consider starting a local chapter. No matter how intimidating, member participation in this group makes any speaker better than they were initially.

If there’s no such group, practice informally among yourselves using tips and clues for better speaking from wherever you can find good material.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life.  

19. Memorize Bible verses. 

Memorize as close to 25 Bible verses as you can – your choice, and 50 is better - preferably those related to your major goals and service efforts. The more you’re out on the street speaking each day the more you’ll find yourself returning  home to search out that one Scripture verse which would have helped you ”make the case for yourself and for Jesus” at a  special moment. Share with your team the details of those interpersonal exchanges in addition to reminding them of the verses you used or the verse or verses that would have been so appropriate to that occasion had you had them  handy in your mental armory.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life. 

20. Sponsor essay contests for local youth. 

This is good PR and has potential for life-changing impact on the essayist. Choose a topic that fits your biblical presuppositions. Be specific. “Why I Love My Country” could end up yielding a lot of worthless fluff, whereas “The Impact of the Bible on Columbus, Patrick Henry and Robert E. Lee” or the like steers them where you want to go. Run these at any time of year or pick a  calendar day celebrating Columbus, Mother’s, Father’s, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, the 4th of  July, etc., but always with a Bible theme. Advertise via bulletin boards, radio, newspaper, library and schools. Each grade, starting at the 3rd or 4th could be separately represented and modest prizes awarded. Public acclaim for the winner might be more important than money. Try to get local people or merchants to help with any funding.

Perhaps you could have one large annual prize worth several hundred dollars – one in which the winner would be given an all-expense, one or two week trip to some Christian camp such as:

The Summit in Manitou Springs, Colorado (summit.org).

or Patrick Henry College (phc.edu).

or Teen Pact (teenpact.com).

The winner can report on the experience afterward in local papers.  Have your team judge the entries and invite other local Christians to help. Don’t rule out essay contests for adults either. That could be interesting.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life. 

21. Divorce prevention and marriage enrichment. 

God hates divorce. Abandoned children and spouses hate it. And, admit or not, every society with normal expectations of societal longevity does as well. In truth, we’d all be ecstatic if somebody would step up, tell it like it is about our divorce culture and its genesis, and then do something about it. The sociological, psychological, financial, educational, spiritual, medical and justice system drain on communities caused by divorce is huge. Surely, something can be done.

Your chance for service involvement in this challenge is a natural. Even more if you can tie in with a local church. They have a big stake here since divorce affects every aspect of their work, directly or indirectly. Church leaders are very likely aware that they should provide more input on divorce prevention programs than they do, so you may have a bit of motivating guilt going for you when seeking their help. When your team indicates its willingness to spearhead an initiative, at least one church may listen. And, they’ll presumably have the needed meeting space available.

Where to start? A recent Google click on “divorce prevention” yielded 170,000 hits. Thousands of articles have been written about love, marriage and divorce so whittling it all down to develop a practical package will take some work. You may assume that the two concepts, Divorce Prevention and Marriage Enrichment,  have much in common and are essentially the same topic. Keep the following points in mind:

1. This is a permanent project since sinning man is forever prone to all of the sinful impulses related to divorce. Though divorce is serious, it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be holding town meetings on the topic “every Monday night.” Resources are scarce, interest will wax and wane, but the locale should slowly get used to the fact that your team has made a permanent, long haul commitment. “Marriage preparation” classes in a church pastor’s office or on Saturday morning one month before an already scheduled wedding – nearly norm today – make no sense. Plan on having have two or three seminars per year for several nights in a row with perhaps a Saturday a.m. session.

2. Your seminars should stress how a secular culture literally screams out in favor of divorce: The culprits are movies, the life-styles of Hollywood stars, cash-hungry media, desire for instant sexual gratification, the schools, radical feminism, the sexual revolution, popular books and magazines, do your own thing attitudes and, of course, all of the  “happily ever after” fairy tales out there. They all pound away, instructing young and old alike that marriage is as much of a lark as a trip to Disney. If it doesn’t work out, don’t worry; get a divorce.

3. Marriage preparation is of such a high degree of importance to a culture and to God’s grand design for families that it should begin at the same time a child learns to pray. If possible, design some of your youth instruction seminars or find pre-prepared material that uses birds, bees and raging hormone facts as an assist to hesitant, pre-embarrassed parents. Tell the youth about the back seats of cars and all the rest. (Too many don’t face the responsibility.) Children must learn to take abstinence as a divine given, the goal being to make them righteously impervious to peer, media and secular pressures. American style dating (better known as “practicing for divorce”) should be replaced with a parent guided courting type approach. Virginity before marriage and loyalty afterwards will be a continual seminar theme. Encourage as many singles and parents as you can to attend your seminars. Advertise.

4. Remind attendees that the best kind of future marriage modeling a father can provide is to let his children see that dad really loves their mom.

5. Stress that your seminar meeting is being conducted based on principles in the New and Old Testaments. Much of “Christian marriage counseling” today is secular and pretty much “Bible free.” It’s good to let that be known. Such Scripture free counseling is expensive, worthless and little less than cheap theater.

6. All guest presenters will be the absolute best you can afford. If you can’t always find full-time professionals, others should at least be biblically well-prepared. Sincerity and experience also have great value so think, too, of engaging Christian couples who have been married for decades and have earned and gained quality knowledge. Introduce such a couple once during each seminar. Ask for testimonies.

7. There are many excellent videos for purchase. Google them at “Christian divorce prevention DVDs,” etc. Small group discussions afterwards at your venue can be helpful, but each group needs a strong leader approved by your team.

8. Work with a pastor whose theology lines up with yours. Some have been swept along by the easy-going attitudes of the sexual revolution, the female liberation movement and clever homosexual programs pushing same-sex equality, tolerance, inclusivity and the rest. You won’t be cooperating with churches with women or homosexual pastors.

9. Since the national plague of divorce isn’t going away soon, don’t forget to have seminars dealing with divorces that have already taken place. Christ has the answer for helping all parties make it through and He can see that converted, non-believing spouses and children can actually end up being better people for having experienced, earlier in life, this traumatic event.

10. Divorce is also common because of the horribly skewed expectations taught to youth about what marriage, American style, is supposed to be.

a. Directly and indirectly, kids are led to believe it’s a cure-all fairy tale straight out of the movies and romance literature.

b. From an endless variety of venues, ittle girls and boys are taught by implication about the OK-ness of pre-pubertal lusting.

c. Valuable discussions about real marriage do happen between young adults. They may even include chats about the beauties of kids and family. But, the grim reality these days is the poor counsel passed out to wit; “Don’t even think about marriage until you’re really ready.” This silliness usually means waiting until age 30 and up, long after the best kid-raising years have passed. In the process the young and still-full-of-energy-parents-to-be are convinced that they have plenty of time to make sure all their secular expectations and check points are met regarding jobs, careers, cars, money, holidays, popular toys, romantic get-a-ways, travel,  etc. And, when all that finally starts to get old there’ll still be plenty of time to begin thinking about marriage and a trophy family. Won’t there? Maybe not.

d. Another surprise is that by this time the bio clock has begun to play some nasty tricks. A lot of the energy needed for the tough job of raising (and enjoying) kids has long since vanished. During the standard dream fantasy, few late starting parents stop to think that when their perfectly-timed child finishes college, mom and dad will be well into or past middle age if not even dead. Pity. Once upon a time there was a group of four women playing doubles at tennis. The four included a still energetic grandmother, her daughter and the 17 year-old granddaughter. The thought that day was, praise God!, they had gotten at least some of it right. But, surely this is not all that hard to understand. Young Christian adults have either been blessed with righteous pro-family training from home and at an early age or they have not.

11. You may find topics like alcoholism, gambling, pornography, obesity, etc. also arising in these divorce-prevention meetings. If so, it’s probably better be deal with these issues separately. In your seminars and in all other projects, maintain steady emphasis on youth Christian education and the building of a biblical worldview. Worldview education for the future is much of what your team is about and you should never stop emphasizing homeschooling or private Christian schooling.

The desired outcome for your locale with every TGPUSA service project is to see, ultimately, the shunning of sin, repentance, obedience, development of a biblical worldview and the personal application of God’s laws to all of life. 

22. Church Christian concerns committee. 

A pastor is often too preoccupied or other-directed to think in terms of dominion, kingdom advancement, reclaiming the culture, etc. Even so, it’s likely he knows members who lean that way, especially in regard to government, politics, candidates, elections, school issues and so on. If the pastor is conservative-leaning himself he might be open to allowing a member to become his stand-in agent/leader of interested congregants during election seasons. This typically includes getting “both party” voter guides distributed as well perhaps as hosting some “off site” meetings.

23. Bring older and newer pastors up to speed on church 501(c)(3) tax/IRS status. 

The nationally admired and now deceased Rev. D. James Kennedy stated, “The federal government has proved a tremendous impediment to the ongoing work of Christians. In all the laws they have passed against Christian schools,  gagging the church, taxation and all the kinds of things they have done, they have made it harder for the church to exercise its prerogatives and to preach the gospel.”

His concern can be extended to say that the question of incorporation for the purpose of gaining tax exemption secretly haunts every Bible believing church. The other big question is whether a church can exist to God’s glory and to the betterment of members and to the surrounding society if tithing money is no longer tax deductible to individuals. Everybody knows this is bad thinking but taxation and government control tends to be too big a subject for average churches already burdened with plenty of other non-spiritual challenges. Even so, these two questions need  consideration and you should have information available to share with established churches and with those that are just forming.

The following sites are recommended:




24. The County Rights Project. 

The philsophy and pragmatics of this program (produced by American Vision) is in a high degree of sync with TGPUSA. It currently offers ten project areas (on the way to 35) of practical citizen application in the areas of freedom, civics,  governance and citizen action that certain members of your TGPUSA team will eventually enjoy introducing and managing.

This program is already good and stands to get even better. It is not, however, precisely the endeavor you would employ as a trigger to begin TGPUSA service in your locale. Reading the introduction to “Take Action” explains why. But, once you’ve gained sufficient momentum and your overall community reputation is on the way to being established, any of the County Rights plan can be - because they provide a service and more - nicely integrated into your broader, spiritual/service based local agenda.

For details see http://americanvision.org/4314/restoring-america-one-county-at-a-time/ The reader comments, both the supportive and the dismissive, are instructive and well worth pondering in preparation for all that you’re doing to change your locale for Christ.

 25. A highly recommended service manual. 

TGPUSA highly recommends an excellent adjunct source of project material that’s available for a very modest fee. It’s titled “How to Make a Difference and Reclaim America,” subtitled “50 Projects That Take Little Time, Energy or Money. Its hardworking activist author (not part of TGPUSA) has personally been involved in most if not all of the projects over a period of 49 years.  Some of these projects are duplicated on the TGPUSA site. But, similar projects discussed from an alternative perspective are always valuable.

The cost of the manual to include shipping is $8.00. There is a much cheaper rate for 5 or more, also with shipping. Contact: The Freedom Center, 70 Sequoia Loop Dr., Ocklawaha, FL, 32179.   

26. Pass out your own team and info tracts without let-up.

Keep these small flyers/cards in your car or on your person and leave them everywhere. Ideally, in the hands of a live person but also in strategic places. It’s your own free PR campaign. The message is clear, politics is not the answer to what’s turning the USA into a live imitation of the nation of Greece. Our problems are spiritual at their core and will only be solved by turning to Christ, His redemption and His rules.

27. Create your own web site.

Locales, by definition, are small so communication by email, personal contact and phone should suffice. But, if your project takes off and expands then a website (over and above the TGPUSA site) could be a good way to keep the folks informed and inspired. Websites, however, can be time intensive; time that might be better spent ”on the street” providing service. Especially in the early period of locale development. After your locale’s population is converted to biblical worldview thinking and locale wide application, a website could make a lot of sense. 

28. Project Proverbs.

Begin with your own family, preferably at the family dining table, to take daily advantage of the wisdom of some or all of a chapter of the Book of Proverbs. And, then suggest the same to your locale friends, however and wherever, by sharing with them how well the program is working out at your house. Give a personal example or two. Try the program for a little while yourself first to iron out the kinks and to gain procedural skills and theological insights. Have a dictionary alongside.
The idea is to take a chapter or as much of one as works and then (taking turns, family member by family member) verse by verse, have each one give their sense of what they think “their” verse means in general, augmented by their own life experiences. Dad ought to be the umpire and/or “master theologian,” but the key is to get started. Everybody will bring their own gifts to the mix. Maybe mom will be the theologian. If so, it should spur dad on to a higher level himself. Make sure the entire family is there for this permanent event.
The (actual verbal) participation age will sort itself out, depending. The reality of human competitiveness plus the fact that younger kids absolutely will not want to be excluded from such an all-family event, will encourage voluntary participation as opposed to these “meetings with God” having to be commanded and turned into drudgery.  Especially  once the horizons open and God’s challenges in Proverbs begin to be appreciated. Even not yet being able to read won’t stop younger children from wanting to give their two cents worth just like the “big folks.”  
Remember Proverbs 32:1: Whenever each of the slothful shall ask, ”where was God in the cruel, cruel moments when help was needed?,” they shall hear His voice crying, ”the help was there all along, pre-packaged in the Proverbs. Avail thyself of it in advance, thus coming to be called wiser than thou is now.” 


Here are other additional projects to consider. TGPUSA will be fleshing them out in the future. Meanwhile, you’ll be looking over their potential as well, based on factors specific to your locale. Please share your thoughts and efforts with us so we can pass them along as helpful hints to the rest of our army-in-embryo.

* Outreach, both to well-established and to more recently arrived Hispanic communities.

* Participation on Local Radio-TV Talk Shows or Other Information Programs.  

* Start a Christian School. 

* Classic soup kitchen in select situations.

* Trash pickup days along main thoroughfares.

* Consider Starting a Reformed Church.  

* Volunteer to Teach a Sunday School or Youth Class.  

* Volunteer At Your Church. 

* Publish A Free Newspaper or Newsletter.  

 * Start a Dixieland Type Band and perform at local events. 

* Assist in selected State or National Boycotts.  

* Erect a Nativity Scene Next November.   

* Help Start a Christian Daycare. 

* Start a High School Bible Study Club. 

* Hospitality and Unexpected Acts of Kindness.  

* Special Letter Campaign to Expose the Separation of Church & State Myth  

* Encourage formation of new teams elsewhere.  

* Study local media daily.  

* Schedule inter-city, team council leadership meetings. 

* Encouraging fathers and sons to go into business together.

III. The long haul

As you move into Take Action mode keep the following in mind:

* Pray hard to the Lord about this innovative approach to community transformation.

* Study the Bible more than you ever have. Study all relevant literature. We need to become professionals for Jesus.

* While carrying out these attention-getting projects of service, always evangelize whenever you can. Both are a worthy service unto Him.

* Change hearts and minds, particularly of parents. Convince parents that Christian children cannot be properly (Christianly) educated in public schools. Encourage them to remove their children or not enroll them at all. Then go on to utilize these new, “humanist-free” adults to help further changing the community.

* Be patient. Plan on goal achievement taking anywhere from one to two decades absent any special intervention by God. Keep praying and keep on praising the God who will do it.