Folks of the remnant who are led toTGPUSA will  already have read dozens of worthy books. That’s why we’re listing only an additional few. They’re important and we hope that your team and – in time - fellow citizens in  your locale will be inspired by them and put them to work. 

For several other important introductory books, see the “About” page, section # 3: ”What to study even while planning your start-up activities.”

TGPUSA could have created clickable info links for the titles. Instead, we suggest that you highlight, copy and paste them onto a search engine yourself. Then make your own determination and use your own judgment as to the value of the  summaries, customer reviews and ordering details. (However, accompanying websites we’ve included are linked and ”clickable.”)  

Tactics: A Game Plan For Discussing Your Christian Convictions. By Greg Koukl.

For good personal interaction,Tactics  contains the always vital ”how to do it” suggestions for reaching out in a winnng way. It recommends using the question asking method rather than the more common, my way or the highway approach used  by the heavy handed or insecure who need or crave instant agreement.  Tactics is good, not just for introducing Christianity and Christ, but to help you move the total TGPUSA  message forward. Success in any venture almost always depends on how well the truth is presented no matter how excellent the  information.   

* Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths: How Misreading the Bible Neutralizes Christians. Gary DeMar. Do your own research. These can be ordered from American Vision.

 * Last Days Madness and/or 10 Popular Prophecy Myths Exposed and Answered. Also by DeMar.     

* Walking in the Law of the Lord. By William O. Einwechter. Order this mega-important book from Vision Forum.  

* Share Jesus Without Fear. By William Fay. Excellent on evangelism. 

* Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. Hundreds of  19th and 20th century Christians were inspired to greatness by the heroic  accounts  in this book. We need to be heroic again. 

* The Ultimate Proof of Creation: Resolving the Origins Debate.  Jason Lisle. Excellent on the practical  apologetics of defending the faith.

* What Does the Bible Say About That by Kevin Swanson. “For children,” but enhances any adult’s biblical worldview skills in the areas of truth, ethics, origins, causality, anthropology, sociology, family, civil government,  church, education, economics, defense, crime, and charity.

Theonomy: An Informed Response. Ed. by Gary North. Men and institutions will necessarily be ruled by someone’s  laws. Which civil and moral rules are the best; men’s or God’s? Aristotle, Locke, Aquinas, Francis Schaeffer and others had one set of answers. But, the 21st century Church doesn’t much bother to think about the question one way or another. Theonomy  provides a comprehensive Bible answer.     

* Consider either Exit Strategy  or, Un-Quo the Status by Buddy Hanson.  Order on Amazon. See chapter details at

* Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution. Ted Weiland. Take the survey ”test,” then send for his free 60 page book. Extremely thought provoking.

* Whatever Happened to the American Dream?  Pastor Adrian Rogers. Excellent message in Rogers’ fine style on what went wrong. Lacking only in that the main remedial action centers on accepting Christ (fine, of course, and mandatory) but less definitive on the needed biblical application and restorative follow up. Listen to it yourself and  together with your co-partners. Inspiring. 4 CD’s, 8 sermons. (901) 382-79900.

* The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan to Stop Washington From Bankrupting America. By Sen. Tom Coburne of  Oklahoma. As good as any of the many that are out there. A frank portrayal and good background on the cause and enormity of our economic tailspin. Lays out signs and symptoms efficiently, but the cure offered falls slightly short.  Happily, TGPUSA in its entirety provides the full range of repair fundamentals.