Because you’re at this site it’s a good bet you’re continuing to experience stunned disbelief over the spiritual, political, economic and moral meltdown of the Christian West and of the United States in particular. So much so, that your frustration has finally led you to say, “surely there must be something that even just one lone individual, me, can do to help reverse the decay.” Even the truth of the classic slogan, “If not me, who? If not now, when?” is gnawing away, working to motivate and revitalize you.    

Therefore, as national and international chaos increases by the day and with pastors and non-pastors alike showing little inclination to step up, it’s obvious that if biblically sound measures are to be taken they will have to be applied by you and by those fellow layman and spiritual patriots you’ll be discovering in the neighborhood where you live on a county by country, town by town, but most likely on a block by block basis until the ship of state is finally set aright.

The purpose of The Gideon Project USA is to provide the details by which your involvement with the Great Band of the Terminally Frustrated will be brought to bear on the reality of the age; namely that God himself is being utterly and overtly scorned by the people of the very planet He created.

But, what to do, where to start and how to reverse these deadly trends? Over the years you’ve worked and poured money into proposals that you hoped were on track. You voted for conservatives, supported charities, purchased materials and read books claiming to hold the solution and attended weekend political and Bible conferences promising the ultimate correctives on behalf of a national turn-around; yet everything continues spinning out of control.

Knowing that God is still in full control means that the job of we the frustrated is to put our hand to the plow, to occupy, and to supply salt and light with vigor as His authorized representatives. Though not yet battlefield proven, the no-cost, no-donation Gideon Project USA can be the correcting mechanism; one that is not being launched in Washington, not in a state capital, and not even at your county court house, but within physical line of sight of where you live, in and around the blocks or city section you think of as your own neighborhood.

Something clearly has to be done and it starts here with a frustration squelching device you’ve long hoped to find. The Gideon Project USA’s two-way solution of knowledge-sharing plus neighborhood and community service has the answers. So, get ready for rewarding hard work, an effort that, with the aid of providence, will keep you busy for the rest of your useful life.

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